Sports are coming back, kind of


Sports are coming back well not across the board but eventually in the short term though NASCAR announced it'll resume its season with two Cup races within a four day span at Darlington Raceway with the first on may seventeenth the next will be the annual Memorial Day weekend race at Charlotte motor speedway both events will take place without fans in the stands NASCAR will be the second major north American sporting organization to resume live events since the corona virus shut down U. of C. of course is scheduled to return to may ninth in Jacksonville unfortunately you can add August Little League World Series the list of major sporting events cancelled by the pandemic the event had taken place every year since nineteen forty seven that means the red Sox Orioles will not play their scheduled game in Williamsport that was to coincide with Little League World Series and football bangles release quarterback Andy Dalton after drafting new franchise QB Joe burrow out of LSU first overall time will tell if the patriots are in fact interested in the nine year

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