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First ascent of Shishapangma - May 2, 1964


The day was may second nineteen sixty four. A group of Chinese climbers became the first people to reach the summit of Shisha Pong a mountain in Tibet at more than twenty six thousand feet or eight thousand meters. Sheesh oppong is the fourteenth highest mountain in the World Sheesh upon is thought to mean range above the grassy plain the mountain is a part of the Himalayas. And it's located in southern Tibet. Near the border of Nepal. Shisha Pungwe was the last of the eight thousand yrs or mountains more than eight thousand meters in height above sea level to be climbed in June of Nineteen thirty on a Porno. Wyant became the first eight thousand meter peak to be climbed and in nineteen sixty. A team of climbers summited delivery one. That made it the thirteenth eight thousand dollars to be summited making Shisha Palma. The only one that had not yet seen a successful ascent since Tibet in China impose restrictions on travel to the region. Few western climbers had been near. She Chicago people were sent to scout the mountain before the expedition began. The chosen climbers began training. Orders were put in for clothing equipment and food and early in one thousand nine hundred sixty four. An expedition of one hundred ninety five people was put together. The team. Included experienced mountaineers climbed Mount Everest as well as less experienced climbers it also included scientists journalists photographers and medical workers among others on March eighteenth. The expedition set up base camp north of the peak at around five thousand meters above sea level by April twenty. First the final assault camp was pitched just below the summit. There were thirteen people in the summit party including expedition leader. Xiujing deputy leader of the Assault Party Chong Chunyan and Wong Fu who took part in the first ascent of Mount Everest via the north face but only ten people took part in the final assault since three people were dealing with altitude sickness on the morning of May second. They reached the summit not long after they made it to the top. They began their descent back to the final assault camp over the next several decades. More people attempted to summit the mountain. The next ascent of Shisha Pong did not happen until nineteen eighty when the mountain was open to foreign teams the first winter ascent of the peak took place in two thousand and five otherwise hundreds of people have made it to the main summit of Shisha PA as of twenty eighteen thirty one people have died on Shisha Palmer. Some of those deaths were caused by avalanches falls altitude sickness and fluid accumulation in the lungs caused by sending to high altitudes

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