Dallas - Texas Motor Speedway To Host 2020 Graduation Ceremonies For All Denton County Schools


Eighty schools in Denton county going to have graduation ceremonies after all thanks to Texas motor speedway Andrew Greenstein got to talk to TMS president Eddie Gossage county judge eating reached out to us and with with the formal school districts in Denton county where the upon about what do we do how can we hold graduation ceremonies at Texas motor speedway and still you know be able to socially distant defense people and things like that and so I am using big all the world's biggest television that we have and the the the the students will be on pit road and forcing the deployments that are a lot of parents families and friends in their cars like a drive in movie theater I get to watch in here the ceremony on big calls through their car radio so it's a it's a great way to give the students a special bank which they deserve when you get to be a graduating thing here so Mr Gossage are these graduation ceremony is going to be the full ceremonies with speeches from commencement speakers in the valedictorian and so forth I don't think so but it could school districts have small classes some have huge classes and the one downside is exposed to the he knew about coming at the end of may and what not so two I think they're trying to appreciate the ceremonies so when the possible absence of the speeches what will the graduation ceremonies and tail okay most schools about all schools are making arrangements for everything to be photographed as they get their diploma so that the family will have that moment captured and that's just don't it I think it's making the best of a tough situation important factors both big enough where we can accommodate students and some classes over a thousand students graduating but also their families and they can see it live and be there and you know I think it's the best of all situation considering the contract now hi it's Eddie Gossage the president CEO at T.

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