Tokyo Olympics could cut 'extras' in face of soaring costs


Some international industries were Olympic hit hard committee early member on John Coates hotels who restaurants heads the inspection retail stores team for Tokyo now the corona to set virus in a teleconference outbreak is killing a the broader council likely array of jobs in areas such as hospitality software programmers and expensive sales people live in legal sites assistance for are being public laid viewing off sixty eight also year old firm wind do we need bomb to make was provisions furloughed for last as much month hospitality from her job for as the a sponsors legal secretary that will and cost Hatton is on Weinbaum the national still Olympic committees hasn't received suggesting her unemployment benefits the pandemic which may she dampen says she's enthusiasm counting on to help somewhat pay a monthly for the rent games of eleven hundred he dollars highlighted to I read the a folly difference between must have features and nice to have accessories which may be ruled out when the Olympics opens in July twenty three twenty twenty one I'm Charles the last month

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