Why is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer ignoring our calls to release Michael Thompson from prison?


Twenty six years ago with Bill Clinton still in his first term as President Michael Thompson. I need you understand this. Who was forty two years old at the time? He wasn't a cave. Not that being in prison for twenty six years when you're a kid is any different but Michael Thompson was forty two years ago and sold some weed to an old friend. It was a harmless transaction. That's it that's the crime Michael Thompson committed accept. It turned out that his old friend had become a police informant in police. Were using Michael's old friend to set up anybody and everybody they could. Michael of course had no idea that his friend was working for. The police sold the we to his friend and got arrested. This exchange of we'd of marijuana from money. It didn't take place in Michael's home but police used the moment as an excuse to later raid. Michael's home and when they did so again. This is all the way back in Nineteen ninety-four. They found an antique gun in a safe along with a handgun that belonged to his wife. Mind you Michael. Didn't have these guns on him when he sold the weed. He wasn't even at the house when he sold it. So you can't say. He committed a drug crime with a firearm but police and prosecutors packaged the weed. And the guns together like they were one big crime and ultimately sentenced. Michael to forty to sixty years in prison which is basically a life sentence for a forty two year old man and they never looked back. That was twenty six years ago. Now the sentence for having unregistered guns in your home would have been one to two years at most some people get probation for such a thing. It's a victimless crime. Michael didn't use the guns in a crime. They guns were just in his home. You get one to two years for that. The sentence for selling the weed typically would have been a few years. Marijuana is now legal in Michigan a harsh sentence for Michael Thompson selling we to his friends and then later under very suspicious circumstances getting arrested or getting charged with guns in the home the the warrant in that case is very suspect but a harsh sentence from Michael in that case would have been four to five years. Ten years would have been excessive. Fifteen years would have been extreme. Twenty years would have been outrageous. We're now at twenty six years. This is a human rights violation. I speak to Michael on the phone regularly. And He's struggling. He's a senior citizen and prison ages. You in dog years a year in prison with horrible sleep on a cheap mattress with the worst food in the country. Entire meal sometimes cost less than a dollar per person to make and being under in living under the constant threat of violence with the worst healthcare imaginable. A single year in prison is hard time. Michael is twenty six years. He has underlying several underlying health conditions including diabetes and respiratory problems. That now put him at grave risk with the threat of the corona virus sweeping across America's jails and prisons and one person cassette. Michael Free. Right now no questions asked. And that's Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. She's a Democratic Party superstar and is constantly mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate of Joe Biden and she has the power right now to release

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