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[Unedited] Ellen Davis with Krista Tippett


I'm Krista Tippett up next Mike unedited conversation with theologian. Ellen Davis. There is a shorter produce version of this which includes poetry from Wendell. Berry that he read for this show. Find that wherever you get your podcasts. I'm just I'm looking. I'm sort in an enclosed blue booth looking at a black thing that I'm pretending as you. Okay very convincing. Just close your eyes. That's what I'll be doing okay. I'm hearing Chris. I think my microphone is pretty hot and I was but I'm not. I was hearing an echo at first but I'm okay now Illinois. Are you hearing me all right. And his any. I'm I'm hearing you fine. And you're without an echo all right Help just in one more second crystal all right just before we start are you well. Is dwayne wells. I'm well yes. Thank you dwayne Zvili. Well HE'S A. He's a year into recovery from hip surgery and it makes a huge difference so things are good. Thank you and and you and your children. Yeah every everything's good I just Have been doing way too much. Travelling at this new book come out the new. Yeah Einsteins God it's It's a it's A. It's it's drawn from my interviews with scientists and it's a lot of fun to be out there talking about but I'm I'm happy to be back in. My kids are happy to have me back. I bet well congratulations on the US. Send you a copy I should. I actually think I had put that down on a list somewhere. It's important for God so Chris. I'm still feeling kind of loud or it went up again. My volume went up again Okay well now. We're hearing an echo on the other end. What's that okay? I think I'm fine now. Did you hear that now? There's an Echo Ellen. I wonder if I wonder if her headphones are up. A little bit high. If we could have allenton her headphones down a little bit okay. Is there someone turn yes? Can someone turned my headphones down. We're not getting any response to okay. How is this Test is tax defense. I think it does yes. The echoes gone. Okay okay Christie and I have also just to let the engineer now. I've also lowered the microphone. Just a bit because it was above the level of my mouth and I was sort of reaching up toward. How does that work? That's fine? Thank you okay all right so Chris I think I could have even a little. Bit less volume. And then maybe why don't I let me ask you something mundane like What you had for breakfast. I had cereal and food doesn't give you much experience. What have you need a little more? Tell me about lunch that tell you what's in bloom and a guy. Yes Virginia Sweet. Spire and the irises Just peaking and going down. The ECHINACEA is coming up. It's actually a pretty time in North Carolina. I imagine it's tulip time in it is to the people don't think of Minnesota as as lush but it really is. Our neighborhood is just incredible. It was it was. It's it's a very special neighborhood and it was. It was kind of constructed to be harmonious with the natural world and creatures and we even have the occasional wild Turkey and Fox squirrels and birds and So I was travelling in April and I missed that period where the snow is gone. But there's nothing growing and I came back and it was all their everything in bloom feeling. I it's beautiful. It is beautiful. Yeah doing good about levels. I think we're great okay. So I- slightly daunted interviewing my teacher like this and I'm going to have a different role with you I think we can get okay and You know as I was thinking about the questions I might want to ask you some of which I always ask people. I realized that even though you and I have had conversations around these things. I've never quite skewed these questions. I don't know all the answers so so so one place. I always start with people. Whatever we're talking about is Was there a religious background to your childhood and actually. I'm not sure that I know the answer to that question. Yes I grew up. I'm a cradle Episcopalian. Okay I've there's never been a time in my life when I haven't gone to church but I would say that church means quite different thing to me over. Religion means quite a different thing to me. Then I think it did to my parents. Anyone almost anyone else in my family I did not grow up in a family that would have defined itself as particularly religious although we would church always when and how did you start heading towards a career in Biblical scholarship and theology. How did that happen consciously? I was an exceedingly late bloomer. I was in my third of four years of seminary before I decided that I was going to teach But if you look at my resume it looks as though when I was eighteen and I went to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem for Year. I decided I was going to be a biblical scholar So unconsciously what they say in Hebrew Elohim Finger of God. I think I sort of being pointed if not pushed in that direction at a much younger age

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