Must Read: Stillness Is The Key by Ryan Holiday


A lot of people here. The title stillness is sticky. And you think that your some sort of you know Buddhist monk that has no emotion that's not really Producing modern things in the world. Maybe a little bit old fashioned. No stillness is a sense of calm intercom that we often experience when we're in the zone. I remember when I was playing basketball competitively when I was younger. There's a sense of stillness. When things are just going right the game almost slows down for you. It's like everything becomes a little bit easier and I'm running up and down the court so it's not like I'm not moving. My body armor not being active. It's an inner stillness. It's a sense of common sense of confidence that you have. You can be an extreme action taker and still possessed stillness. That Ryan talks about now. If you're listening to this podcast you're like you know what Omar I'll have tried to meditate. I try to really habit. Stillness it's just not for me. This book is not about meditation. It goes way beyond that. It's more about how to make an informed decision. Whenever you're not a high stakes game situation. He gives countless examples. The one I remember off the top of my head is President Kennedy making really tough decisions during the Cuban missile crisis and how he exercise inner stillness to make sure he made the right decision and saved a lot of lives. He also gives examples from Steve Jobs and other modern day entrepreneurs so normally at the end of this kind of episode St Episode. Until you read this book because Xyz. I'M GONNA get in front of a renowned. Say The reason why you need to read. This book is because as an entrepreneur. You're constantly making decisions on a daily basis job as the leader of a company and you want to make sure that you're making more right decisions that wrong decisions and we often make wrong decisions when we're flustered when we don't have that peace of mind when we have that anxiety when we have that sense of imbalance we WANNA make sure that we're constant making clear headed decisions with a bigger small because they all have some sort of domino effect in our business. This is the main reason why this book is Worth Reading. Because of that fact alone you make decisions on the daily right always if your state of mind is not in the right place. It's GonNa Affect those decisions now. The second big reason why you need to read this book as an entrepreneur is business is stressful and you need to learn how to manage that. Stress can't get rid of the stress as long as you're in business you're going to have stress. But how do we manage it? How do I make sure it doesn't affect our personal health if we don't take care of our personal health and manage stress? No-one will okay. And if you're in bad shape your businesses in shape. You are the captain of the ship and the ship goes down when you do so understanding how to manage that stress especially in that moment when you're in that stressful moment is important in this book gives you incredible insights but thirdly this book is more about wisdom than actual you know having some sort of zen attitude. How do you become a wise person? Somebody who really has a ritual a routine of really gathering the facts and making the right decisions and make the right judgments about what's going to happen in the future and I feel. This book really covers all three now. I want to tell you this book is a how to guide is not like a common stillness and wisdom for dummies. You know it's not a ABCD now you're wise. No and if it was that way everybody would be wise. Be So simple. It asks you to ask them two questions of yourself to reflect absorb the information. This is not like a book you can zoom through you read. You think you ponder it takes some time to get through a chapter because forces you to think about how does supply in my own life. Am I doing these things? One of my caught in these traps that type of stuff. I found it very helpful to read this book before bed puts me in a great state of mind kind of good a bed with a little bit more wisdom a little bit more communists and I wake up the next morning. Ready to take on and implement the stuff. I just read last night. One of the big takeaways early on his book. Is this idea of having an empty mind and living in the moment The best parallel abyss example. Gibson's book is like when you were child when you were a kid and used to play outside. You didn't think about tomorrow. You didn't think about yesterday. You just thought about that moment. You just enjoyed the moment. You lived that moment whether you're playing tag or playing baseball with your friends or whatever it was when I was a kid I used to love to draw on the color and I remember clearly when I was doing those activities. I was just really interested in seeing that drawing. Come together or coloring in coloring book or that page in the coloring book now I was just enjoying it in the moment and just seeing it all happen. I didn't think about. What did I draw yesterday? I didn't think about what am I gonNA do tomorrow. And that whole worry mind was never there. And he's encouraging US and giving us some techniques to get back to that because that's when you're really living when you're enjoying the present moment a lot of us entrepreneurs we always are looking to the future always looking to what's going to happen next week next month. This quarter rig ahead or goals or targets all that. Kinda stuff right. We can't help but do that. We're we're goal driven and I'm not saying to stop it completely but I'm going to say that don't always do that. Give yourself time to enjoy the moment. The moment that you're in right now building your business for me. The moment right now is recording. This podcast episode. You know I have the privilege of having the ability to get up and do a podcast and have been doing it for six years of growth an audience and it's great to share what I've learned and and Hopefully help other people and most of us. We don't really take the time to think about that and really enjoy every day. Every moment that we're doing our thing in our business building our business making calls writing emails getting on webinars creating sales pages whatever. It is really appreciating that most of us are thinking. When is this going to be done? What's next what's the next thing to do? In my opinion it has to be a balance. You have to think of the things you have to do in the future otherwise. You're not going to get anything done. You HAVE A to do list. But when you're doing the to do's be president at to be president a moment realizing the moment. Hey I'm privileged to be able to start a business. This is not feasible for some people in the world. You'd be able to do this to have the finances to have the time to have the ability to have the opportunities that we don't realize is if you know the English language and I'm assuming you do because you're listening to this podcast you are privy and you are made available to so much knowledge on the Internet books that are published in English or Sony. Books that are not translated in other languages Especially the things that just get published brand new books on a subject and you get that edge. That's a blessing. It's incredible so by doing that by living in the moment you tend to have more gratitude and that's why generally children or more happy okay. Now of course that's not the case for all children but if you look back on your kid you were generally happier because you weren't worrying about the future or dwelling about the past you're like hey things are all right. You know. I'm eating my Peter Murphy Jelly Sandwich and watching some cartoons and You know and you just were happy in the moment and this is a really important point. I know I'm I'm harping on a lot. But because a lot of entrepreneurs were building rebuilding or grow or try and make more money. We're trying to build our revenue and all that kind of stuff is great but we enjoy. The journey happens is at ten twenty thirty years ago by and we say hey the best years of my life I spent doing. What did I enjoy that? I actually appreciate it. Did I recognize that? Those are the prime years of my life. Time flies by okay so let's make sure that we live in that moment.

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