XRP Or Ripple Just Took Off!


We have had a good move funny. We watched say across the top ten still being a bit of a grind pot from tron and ex Pay Now I talked about that. Twenty cent level for quite some time talked about X. pay and saying how love it was building and it certainly did build a bill to a point where there was an explosive breakouts over. Not Fa May You know early in the evening haven and it it just kept on pushing through a very very nice move on. Excel yesterday and the other thing that I can talk to you now about his Toronto's well it's continued that OP TRANS. We've got XL. Pay Now in an uptrend if you if you understand what I'm saying throughout the wake with many these markets You know exit pay theory and Bitcoin A US many of these markets being at resistance will always now Sane X. Up a break and we still get him around that region. We still need to do a little bit. More there and bitcoins just starting to creep above it right now. I WANNA see more from bitcoin. There has been very little in the way of of any volatility for another week. We've seen this happen before it gets bit. Wonky sometimes this is happening in and out trying to go back to the twenty second point one nine than the twenty third up went full five percent up two point. One eight percent the twenty. Six one percent twenty-seventh down point four twenty eighth and of course to die with currently up one percent so very little of the last ones that seeks dies on bitcoin very uncharacteristic. It does look a little bit nervous but I wanna say the market takeover pushing higher here. Kate these trends going if we can say this occur and we do get a little bit more. Gusta from the market. We are going to have a bucket load of great trading opportunities. We do have about right now. Let's go through that as I said. Yesterday closed down point four three of upset on bitcoin pushing through that seventy six thirty seven holding above that raging for the time being more momentum still required in my eyes before. I started to get really interested on Bitcoin but it is slow scholley setting high on the four hours starting to tick along. It's by no stretch of the imagination. Gripe trend right now on those low timeframes but it is a mock it on keeping a close oil as I always do on a theory of now yesterday I mean science thing will flats pretty much we. We opened the day at one hundred ninety six dollars and sixty seven cents and we call us at one hundred ninety six dollars and fifty cents a move of eleven sent so again very little in the way of Any progress there theory. I'm yesterday they load tests. Rejection candles rejected that one ninety four spot three five been speaking for quite some time ago and just want to say a want to see a pro push you know we have seen as the very much Trending well it has been a happening. It's been working at very very nicely. Indeed I just want to say this momentum continue. Isn't that much to ask while I hope not. Currently or at one hundred ninety eight dollars I wanNA say push on above two hundred and really discuss this puppy flying. You know we did get a maximum heights. Today of one nine spot non-threatening a little spark. I WanNa see us really rod through that. Get This theory. Cherry pumping a little bit hot are lovely trend debt on Alexa play? Of course yesterday well what will be closed? We closed up eight point. Five percent absolutely cracking moving. We currently sitting up point four percent on the direct twenty one and a half cent so very much a strong push straight up through twenty cents and that trend is now looking a lot better on the high tide. Fans like the daily and working suckling through the mid term timeframes like a four hour to hour and whatnot. So apparently twenty one cents up went full yesterday. I point five. Bitcoin cash still with resistance above to forty spot. One five and yesterday i. What did it do yesterday? Bug A. Roll excuse me down point. Six six of a percent needs to break that to forty eight spot one region. It's trying it's approaching. It's just not done it yet and there could be the potential for bitcoin breakout trading strategy. They will have to wait and what goes on currently to forty four three up. One percent of the died base vate. Nothing really to talk of God is really really ugly. Yesterday Dan Point till sent closing the market at one ninety five spots six nominee one ninety-six bought for two point three seven and ugly looking shot and I got no interest in Iraq. Now and good luck next. I guess I did it a little bit more moving in the rest of the market. Two point eight seven percent up closing the Diet forty three spot four six. It's gone ahead to push to a little bit more of a satisfactory trend on the lower timeframes. But I want those mead's really to kick in. I want that four hour. Simplicity of want that come back. It's not really looking fantastic for me at the mom and sitting at forty five ninety. Four flat right now per resistance. Yup We still sit in that dogging line two levels ninety cents a very strong level of resistance here on. As yesterday we did close up point. Six six of a percent. Of course we are saying this resistance really slowly in a building into that region. It's a it's a bit. Messy shot guys If you're not looking at the consolidation but that consolidation. Hi It's pretty Nice just waiting for that opportunity. It could be a bracket trade today on a little bit more analysis on that and see if I can't find myself Nas rage and for a stop loss deb malls to white to save a brexit above. Pulled back in because that's an opportunities. Whoa currently we're sitting at toodle. Seventy six flat on yesterday bonds. Another one that is very solid wise. We've seating there around that resistance for which I ended the tried a couple of days back at sixteen dollars and forty seven cents where we're at point two six percent up today not much going on and yes we down point four. It's just very Saad. Wise push above that resistance bonnets. Let's set you free. Fly off into the distance and really say this thing moved because it's Cod donnas may not having a very good run the loss little while of course yesterday. Bang a very slow down on now on outside on cow. Donna its up point seven full. Currently we close a full point six cents currently full point seven one slot at half percent run now onto a theorem classic six thousand sixteen up but with flat on yesterday. I guess it'll be closed up. Point seven percent. Retested often all level Over resistance there around that fall dull naughty markets. Just come back in just episodes slightly kept on that rejecting six dollars it is currently flat and that trend is moving. The fought point two percent yesterday. Second in the top ten iron lead to Exa that Trans Science Look Really Nice on trauma gotta good wake up with momentum right now and others law timeframes will amid timeframes lodge inside a certainly starting to trend very nicely tron as one of the markets on my list. Pullbacks incredible trades I am watching very very closely. It's a very good trend. In what has been a very very nice looking market over the last week. Moving averages Currently which just sitting down a percentage we pulled back at one point five cents. I'll be keeping an eye on that so there have been some good opportunities trading against bitcoin logically. The Best of today was my watch. List was Off Sandwiches revealed credit network. Bonnets LOVE THE CRADLE. Back in the have a look at that shot yourself. And those of you have gone through my most recent program while eluding full Not what you're looking

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