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Skimpy. H- h what is and she'll highs Jimmy notes sorry sorry. So P H- H. This is the boring but stuns for potential hydrogen and it's basically the acidity level of substance So as indicated by numerous scale and it runs from zero to fourteen with seven being neutral So I'm kind of going to go through in a bit like I thought you would fall asleep them. I'm going through a little scale and a beer. That kind of tells you what familiar thing you might see on a Ph neutral strongly alkaline and then strongly acidic so you can kind of just thought peace for yourself. How yes extremism so yeah? Anything below seven is acidic and anything above his alkaline. So for example lemon juice which is quite fitter agree here. That small noise just came out of my throat was off fall. It was a Burgh account. Bit CanNot Person. It felt where it's over the phone so anything below. Seven is acidic and even above alkaline. So-called little skin Ph scale here so obviously seven is you neutral Softbank in the middle if we're going towards see acidic side of the scale you've got four six which is were your black coffee. Oh delays zero to three contains. Lemon juice Wayne in at number two and strongly acidic way over number one ISCHGL buttery acid nice. Sa- quite acidic. Nice go enroll onto the side. You strongly Klein. You've got drain more drain cleaner. Sorry at fourteen at fourteen and then a no. I'm ammonia eleven. Yeah I WANNA say eleven seawater eight fan. It is very important to know that like the differences because it goes zero one. Two three four. This is a numeric scale. Like it's not linear Does that make sense? Yes so it means a tenfold increase multiplied by ten separates each P. number So a Ph of three is a hundred times more powerful than a Ph of five heck so is quite a big difference between a good old. Bob Jassat zero on your lemon juice to Medusa agenda. But you don't really put you. I don't think so. No no no so go into something. That sounds completely rogue. I'm GonNa talk about your Montel now. So basically our skin is Colbert a protective film on the surface surface so I called acid mantle and what this basically stop thinking of a mantelpiece grow up what this basically does is. It maintains skin's Ph levels and prevents infections. I'm trying to Mahara to be professional. This is just fucking route carry-on. I know you don't finish off. Even read wildlife abound tool pace. Even though that's funny carry on delivery the least for Nick thing off you go far enough. Whatever floats your boat anyway. So what you're acid mantle does is it maintains e skin's Ph level on prevents infection seals in moisture. Just quite. Let's be honest. Keeps the environmental aggressive? How do you know what that basically is? He skin barrier right. We should we rusted Montel. Oh you are segment so obviously. It's called your acid mantle so your skin should always be more on the acid side. Roth than alkaline. Which is why we can use acidic products and it not burn off faceoff right. He's like an alkaline. It would been probably dry skin. We're going to go into the layer. Okay so you okay. Yes so when you were born your skin is a solid seven is completely neutral when you're little baby. And then a few weeks after birth it starts like and a little bit more acidic so on this scale of God. So zero to three which is strongly acidic. And then you fall to six which says in hyphen skin goals. Oh yes it does. It does so. I've got this little quote from Polish choice. Which kind of sums up? The acid mantle plays a vital role by working with skin neutral. Ingredients like semis. Cholesterol enzymes swats and even our skin zone oil to protect skin surface and lower layers from external threats. Oh grand like that So what should it be? I'm quite a while I've been talking. This is not true for me. You'll miss science so like I said before. Our skin is on the acidic side because obviously of the said Monsell and the average age of human skin cells. We don't want this human skin is between. Can you mean gas? Pretend that you've not got the notes right. I'm not looking at it so I want to guess what the human skin Ph is yet. It needs to be on the a little bit of the acidic side and seven is neutral five more. Yes long in the middle so is between four point seven. Five point seven five. Oh five yeah so yeah with no in like absolutely everything else in our lives offered. Multiple diminishes with age becomes less acidic which means Dry Skin and wrinkles and fine line so I guess they do us when he skipped on the more alkaline side of the scale that you just get dry but reflect skin flick your buttery flaky. Crispy flaky correct. So I'm don now's million G. WanNa tell me jolly what your how to check or your skin pay indeed. We should have actually thought ahead of this. I'M GONNA go some Ham test right. I think it would be good content to support the episode. Yes let's do that. So if you listen to this on there's not a post op to support it. That move just been laziest football on. They will come probably in about six months CEO aims. How'd you chat which will p. h? As an so number one obvious one would say is visit a dermatologist. They can help test you and advise what kind of pro she would need. Only problems that you might be saying. Because if he I know over in America is different to here in the K. Because unless you went privately would have to be referred to a dermatologist. Their basic natural hospital rather than just saying on a book. An appointment with a dermatologist. Again Mush private but in the US near the EU obviously don't have the NHL so often a dermatologist will be in your health insurance or you can use that to go and see a dermatologist. So yet that was probably the hardest thing to do in the UK would not be able to get an appointment with a dermatologist. Just to see what your skin behaviors hypo. Can you tell me what in can I just get you to spend three thousand pounds on me checking my ph thanks Yeah no obviously. You'RE NOT GONNA be in the UK because is ridiculous waste of NHS doctors time they have much more important things to do than check your Ph So the next best thing would be getting some test strips. So you can buy strips to check Pretty much anything so your in new saliva but you can get one specifically for your skin. Safes as well so we will If you are inscribed birthday dot skin than you will be able to see how we get on checking our skimpy. Ho Ch but under the thing that you can do to check. I know it's very vague book Something that might be helpful. Is that just keeping a close eye on? Your skin is very important because soft skin. That doesn't really have any dry spell saw dry areas and is well balanced which is obviously when we're talking about skin type of combination and aims. You saw away the kind of oily in some areas dry in this There will products out there. Four rebalanced saying they can get some nice rebalancing oils is on that. Got The rebound album. Roya on you. So yeah if you do. Struggle with A difference in skin around different areas of your face. Then you are relatively imbalanced. Eber is Kinda easy to fix that and then any irritated skin there have acne Oregon readiness like I do meet skins. Probably lean in motos alkaline side. Which is obviously as aim said. Decide you don't really want to be on. You WanNa be more sick all so basically your drain cleaner and I'm lemon juice. Oh gorgeous

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