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Interviewing The Interviewer | Jessica Walker Interview (2020)


Speaking with the Gorgeous Walker has been covering all the events head of interviews video content ready for the summits as we both found in a little bit. Has He been? Danny diamond? Has a lot to be done in a little toby. Twenty four seven. So tell me who's been the most interesting person giving a massive crush on so other than I who else has been really impressive more interesting perspective alive and they will Tim Drake that which was super excited. Yes and you could make comparisons. And that was ray. He spoke about meeting with the previous Argentina and prime minister and talking about the benefits off. Prep to that. That was quite interesting. We've had a lot of really cool gas from kind of different backgrounds as well because we actually have a medical cannabis just so only about seventy different interviews. Yeah it's been wild and It's been phoenix mango from Dash. Which was I love? Dash project is something which at trillion as Kublai yes. There's a lot of people that are doing real use cases for which we've not really seen in two thousand seventeen hundred. It was a little context and now people actually use them. I think that's something I've been really inspired by. The energy is different this time around. Do you feel that too? Because Moore's being built as opposed to just speculation and So tell me about what was it was a very much. And he's a great guy so he's come over to our event he was out of wars like Nas might what he provided an award for social impact in the blockchain space to project which was the global blockchain organization. Okay that was cool He'll be singing on show tonight which I what. He's doing interesting so he has. He's crates to coin a coin and he is now free marketing and then he has a tendency all which is going to be a real sandbox for this cryptocurrency and I think what is amazing is that Africa is a continent has so many young people that this is a real potential Mak- so there's been a lot of interesting topics the view rate and he's interviewed a few media partners as well. So that'll be interesting. He's also got to look at three o'clock today which will be live which financial inclusion so he's really integrated without he. He's a panel with Richard. Iles today about sex people that are all doing similar things in the space. And what we're saying is like people coming together. Sharon concept so yeah. It's a super exciting time to be here. It's an amazingly collaborate spice lonely too positive about things we can be but there are also game. Spent a great deal. We'll have noticed that. This particular event has pain award for the paper You do have people that just pull everything scam and to h Tehran. But like you said you know some of these projects now representing Roy then magazine. When he talked to Africa Very Much. Chana with wage with the F. occurs they'll use their telephone credit as a means of exchange so place like Africa already. They're ready for adoption. I can't work that out already so we're looking forward to. We are at the last. I this event in the last six. I'm about to brush off and go to an ounce. Stage was on CPAP which I'm excited for him for about two years on Via skype and it'll be great tests and audience interaction too. I think it's super important able to let you is singing to ask questions to the likes of Tim. Draper anti part. We all knew it and we're really create in this break down barriers wet. We can understand about what's going on the space of that should be good fun. And then is closing the wind down excuse given the rest of my team. Wow deserve gin and tonic. Because it has been a great kids as the fact it's been really cold. Actually we'll just thank you so much. Thank you what you're doing. Yeah so they can have over to twitter account of advocacy summit which is five or the ABC Youtube where all of our interests to be noticed and I also have a twitter account. Which is Jessica S M? W which I have no little snippets like my personal favorite Mesa zone to join up with you later on. Have offense very soon now..

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Interviewing The Interviewer | Jessica Walker Interview (2020)

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