Westworld S1E8 Recap


Westworld season one episode eight trace decay. Ford brings been on active status and instantly breaks tailed. Ford says he ordered him to kill trees or in order to protect the hosts. He Promises Bernard that he will erase his memories of his relationship with Theresa including his partner. Death wants Benard covers up the murder we see Bernard paint himself out of security footage and remove all evidence of the presence from his apartment before his memories wiped. Benard asks Ford if he's ever made him home anyone else. Ford says no just as been odd sees himself strangling elsie but is instantly forced to forget. Thanks to Bernard speedy work. To raise bodies discovered in the ravine. Where the woodcutter host was found alongside. The satellite uplink cheesed. Send data out of the park. The medical team did you. She was trying to reach a high point to transmit the data then slipped and fell so a death ruled an accident with this news Ford announces. That Theresa Altered Clementines coat to make Bernardo incompetent in light of the revelations been audited reinstated as head of behavior in the influence of Theresa's. Qa Department is limited Charlotte Hale is forced to accept the official story despite knowing that something more is going on elsewhere in the facility may still having trouble distinguishing between her memories. In real life flitting between her passed on the farmer the daughter and live at the Mariposa but the new host playing clementines role and the Body Repair Lab she tells Felix and Sylvester that she still intends to escape because relationships with their daughter and clementine adjust ways of trapping in the park may gets Felix and Silvester to agree to grunts her administrative privileges so she can control the hosts as well as to remove the explosive failsafe in his spine. That would stop her in any of the host leaving the park to do that. She needs to be taken to behavior and shut down so west. The hatches a plan to y Maes. Programming Wash is offline and Phoenix reluctantly. Agrees to go along with it while exploring the Canyon at the edge of the Park William and Dolores find the sole survivor of a group of confederate. Does that were attacked by the ghost. Nation the dying soldier admits that Logan then new recruits told the confederate does my own laws trained so they can ambush and kill them. Deloris goes to get them on water but sees a vision of her body lying in the river still tracking Wyatt's teddy in the men in black. Find the bodies of a group of settlers with one survivor. This host is Angela. The host we saw. Welcome in William and other guests the park a very different role the men in black recognizes and says. He thought she'd have been decommissioned by now. Angela tells them white men kill everyone but they're attacked by a wholly-owned man with axe that seems to be immune to their bullets. The man in black tries to strangle the creature which triggers teddy to remember the money black attacking delores in a previous storyline. Eventually jolts back to reality and uses the creatures. Oh next to kill him. The man in black congratulates Teddy leading them to Wyatt but teddy knocks him out. With a barrel of his gun now fully aware of how his harm Dolores back in the facility Mavis successfully smuggled into behavior but when Sylvester orders phillies to wipe programming instead sides with maeve emboldened by a new administrative. Privileges may cut Sylvester's throat and orders Felix to close the wound back in the park. She tests her abilities by successfully controlling other hosts even getting host. Ken Each Other on command. With Theresa Gone Charlotte's enlists Lee Sizemore to smuggle data from the park. She takes him down to cold storage. And Upload Data into Peter Abernathy. The original host plane Delors. His father lease tasked with building a personality for Peter so he can leave Westwood on the train with human guests at Delors and William continue on the road. They reach a site where a town once stood and Dolores. His vision get more intense. She flits between memories. Seeing hosts like maeve armistice being trained before Lawrence daughter asks if she's found what she's looking for then a vision of Dolores starts shooting people in the streets than raises a gun to a head realizing the arnold wanted to remember something. Dolores breaks down in tears and questions. Her Reality William Decides to return to sweetwater for the sake of a fragile mind but they're intercepted by Logan in the confederate does on the road. Logan isn't the only one book infinite lowers after tying up the money black teddy interrogates him about Delors his whereabouts instead the money beat reveals that he came to Westworld after his wife kill the self and his daughter rejected him as they both since the dawn is within him to test if he was truly evil he killed. Maven her daughter. Borscht them dine plot of land. Plant a little by the maze. At that moment the man in black began pursuing what he believes to be a game created by Arnold. The death of Maeve doors was life changing for her to in more ways than one as May prepares to actually the park. She remembers being attacked by the money and black and I spent he kills Clementine causing Westwood Security. To come in

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