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So summer shipp grew up under her given name Dolores in Granite City Illinois. Her mother Cora raised her and her three brothers alone after their alcoholic. Father left the family. Now Cora raise children as Jehovah's Witnesses and this was a religion there's some are continued to practice throughout her life. She did stop attending services but observed religion. She never celebrated Christmas birthdays. She said that every day was a holiday and she liked by her daughter and her friends gifts when it was her birthday. Isn't that Nice good? Sounds like a nice lady really really nice so some are grew up in extreme poverty under pretty rough circumstances and of this. She has pretty frugal but in our young adulthood she married a wealthy man John Ship and she lived for years in luxury however difficult childhood in Granite City. That never was far from her mind. John Ship was the manager for the local metro-goldwyn-mayer branch. Mgm when he moved to Kansas City from Florida in nineteen sixty nine now summer had moved to Kansas City just a few months previously. She saw the city as a place to forget her pass and she's going to create new life for herself. Yeah that was important to her to kind of start over. The childhood was rough so John. Lived in the same apartment complex as a friend of summers and when she visited that friend at the community pool she really caught Johns I. Some are was not a classic beauty but she was really pretty at five foot one inches tall and just over a hundred pounds. She was tiny but she was a bundle of energy sometimes described as sprightly so although John had a girlfriend at the time he broke things off with her to be with summer in October of nineteen. Seventy summer was pregnant and she told John on the night. He took her to see an advance screening of the movie. Two thousand one a space odyssey and after that they decided to move in together and just see if they could make things work. John's apartment became their first home together and their front door was just feet from the pool so John worked as he floated in the water and Sunday himself. The phone set nearby and when it rang he would just paddle to the edge of the pool and work on deals so this is kind of living the dream. I guess float around in the pool. Yeah phones broke their nice good way to do it but he did work hard. He negotiated film showing contracts for hundreds of theaters throughout Missouri and Kansas. So he was really on his way up in the industry at this point so some are in. John got married at the courthouse with John's brother and a friend of summers as witnesses and they had a daughter who they named Brandy. She had read here like her mother's but even brighter and darker and both summer and John were just thrilled with this little girl. They moved out of the apartment and rented a cottage that summer adored for a while and then as the money kept coming in two years later they moved into a duplex in a very upper class area living near professional football players so John left MGM and but an independent Film Distribution Company called Thomas Films and after he bought it he changed the name to Thomas and ship films. The company was more successful than he had ever could have been able to imagine. He made a ton of money so much money that he felt like he'd WanNa Lottery. Are He come up from humble beginnings himself? Yes I think in summer really didn't know what to do with all this money. It was foreign to both of them and I guess summer was able to kind of not focus on it. She just wasn't that interested in things but I think John it kind of affected him and he got carried away with it here. Well I knew her. Religion would seem to me to make her less desirous of money. And what money can buy share? I mean I'm sure she liked not having to worry about it like she had all her life absolutely and remember up until this time she's still going by her original name. Dolores but when brandy was just a toddler that's when she legally took on her new name. Summer brandies middle name was Alexis so some are named herself summer. Alexis ship and by the time brandy was three. John was making over two hundred thousand dollars a year. And this is the nineteen seventies. So I looked it up. And that's about seven hundred thousand dollars a year equivalent in today's money so ton of money tournament in nineteen seventy four. They bought a two story. English Tudor home in the exclusive Crestwood neighborhood and they had a house with a huge private in ground pool. An Art Gallery Jim Asana just everything. Yes so brandy was Kinda spoiled. When she was a little girl. It was almost unavoidable even though she did get a lot of attention as well as things but like I mentioned John's lifestyle just became out of control as his income was soaring. He spent time on the West and east coasts partying with the rich and famous. Eventually he found himself with an expensive dependence on cocaine and pills and is John pulled away from his home and family life into this life. Some are just kind of channeled her love and attention into raising her daughter. So Brandy got a lot of attention. Showered on her. Maybe too much if that's possible. Do you think that's possible to give a kid too much attention? No again it depends on what kind of attention. Well here's my thought on it. You can give them too much attention if you're allowing them to control you like when you're on the phone they're trying to take your attention away when people come over when you have worked to do. I mean there has to be a respect as well sure. That's why I said it depends on the kind of attention right so I think that it can be a bad thing when you get to the extreme. But that's not really the attention being the problem I guess that's more like the The fruits of the attention. Well yeah it's kind of the control like you want your child to see you as being in control of things when you don't want your child to take over control of what's going on day to day. Well I mean it can really be unhealthy and they can have a rude awakening when they get older. And everybody's not just falling over themselves to please them herbs moving so I think that's another issue is you don't want to raise them to feel entitled to everything so anyway I mean they did love her and it was a nice childhood although she was probably a little bit spoiled. Well how does she turn out? She turns out great. Okay so in. Nineteen seventy six. John took brandy in summer to the cons film festival ru and they spent time with David Kerosene is that the Kung Fu guy. Well that's the Carribean family. I don't know which one is which I think David was Kung-fu guy okay. And cary grant roll my love who carry granted yes. He was in one of my favorite movies. What was it sweep? Listen in Seattle now. An affair to remember. I know I was GONNA say that next so afterwards they went on an extended vacation to London Rome and Paris and they flew back to the United States on the First Air France Concorde flight from Paris to Washington. Dc wrong that's That's cool that's cool. That's Nice. Yes where she? Oh totally. And some are just felt like this poor country girl who was living like royalty. John became one of the biggest independent film distributors in the country and they were dining with. Paul Newman Joanne Woodward and Clint Eastwood Big names. Very big names especially in the seventies absolutely well when still around working yeah. He's still big but as her life was changing. Some are really didn't change. Who she was and I respect that. While John was traveling all over the world she stayed home and spent time with her daughter. She also invited other children over for play dates reading books and singing with them so she liked to share in her good fortune which. I think is so important. She even took time to volunteer at a home for emotionally disturbed young women and as a reward for good behavior. She would bring some of the girls to her house to swim for a day and loved it and they worked hard and did things so that they could earn a day at the pool so are like summer. She sounds like she's cutter head on straight and she's living the life. Well you know it's funny because they started reading the book about summer than I found online and I had no idea I was going to do the case but I did just feel such an affection for this woman that I enjoyed reading the book. It wasn't like work and I really enjoyed being able to Read about her in her life. Of course Jon was away a lot of the time. And he had his drinking habits in his drug habits so understandably their marriage suffered. There is a large Christmas office party in the late seventies when summer walked in on John and he and other parties were snorting large amounts of cocaine right on his desk so she walked out feeling pretty angry and worried at the same time. Sure I mean not only worried John but for her daughter you know. It's just very risky behavior. That he was getting into their relationship was getting more and more distant. Rose probably not a lot of good that comes out of a cocaine addiction or a drug addiction for that matter in marriage right. Something's going to happen well and it's interesting that when things stopped going so well for John and he has to really deal with things he does get better. So by nineteen eighty. His company started going downhill and the small films that John Distributed. Were really being snatched up by the major film companies without that business. He was quickly falling behind on his debts and he fell into some deep financial trouble because he hadn't saved enough. He was a big spender and happens. Cocaine is not free. I know but wouldn't you just put enough in a savings somewhere? In case the bottom falls out as a backup will most people would but a lot of people disfigure that. There's no end to this stuff. I guess you feel that way now is at this very very successful company. Money's just rolling in. I'd be of the opinion that this no change in that things are going to keep happening for me. Well and I'm kind of surprised that the way summer grew up that she didn't squirrel away more money because I personally waiting for the other shoe to drop and I liked to be prepared. Well Yeah but she did. She work well not really now. Not at that point or any money. She had came through her husband. Sheriff so what you're going to say to him honey. I need an extra thousand this week. 'cause I'm saving for when you go bankrupt? Well I just say. I WANNA start a savings account. I WANNA put a thousand dollars a week away and it shouldn't have fazed him when he was making so much

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