What could TE Austin Hooper bring to Packers offense?


Was a report from. I think it was robbed a mosque. Who covers the Green Bay packers and he made you know at least the packers are aware that they need more pask actors? They reportedly planned to add two of them via free agency and the draft. And you can certainly get a bunch. But I'm not sure that the guy that he talked he said they're played into. Target Austin Hooper. I'm not sure that's what Aaron Rodgers really needs. I would rather see somebody more explosive. I don't know what you think about that but either released Jimmy Graham who's just Zaslov signing for them. I would note that Matlin. Flair was the Falcons quarterbacks coach when Austin who was a rookie in two thousand sixteen in Atlanta But Yeah I. I don't know I'm not sure awesome. Hooper is exactly what fixes. What's wrong with Green Bay right now? Which is clear. It's Green Bay at margin only feels comfortable throwing to Davante Adams. Yeah I think they're awesome. Hooper would be fine signing You give the packers a solid possession tight end just really reliable. Almost eighty percent career catch. Ray Can block enough from a dynasty standpoint. He would block J Sternberg who drafted in the third round. This past year in. I mean I really liked him coming at a at a Texas. A&m But you know. Yeah he he would be a big roadblock in the way of j Sternberg. I'm completely with you. Though in Syria I mean I. I think that they should sign two guys. I mean I think that Al Having Allen Lazard as your number two option. The passing game isn't good enough and I think that even if they signed someone like Austin Hooper. I think should go robby Anderson. You know I think that Robbie Anderson Opposite Davante Adams would give them Just a completely different dynamic in their passing game. I think that they need some any they I think they need an explosive field stretcher. And Yeah if I was. I would focus on a guy like Robin Anderson. I mean mark has vowed is scant laying in theory had the skill set to be that guy but he just did not take a second year. Yeah there were some reports from Our friend Matthew Berry had noted that era jittery like Salazar staff-related Allen. So I think they're going to add a wide receiver for sure. But for now I would consider Allen Lazard the front runner for the number two wide receiver job. Assuming they don't add anybody which then was certainly

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