Apple pulls out of South by Southwest festival amid coronavirus outbreak

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Doesn't do a lot of big events these days so there hasn't been a lot for apple to bail on during the corona virus outbreak. Say Hello to south by South West or actually say goodbye to it. Variety says plus has pulled out of the South by southwest film festival that means no festival premiere for the Spike Jones documentary. Beastie boys story. The company had also planned to hold a conversation about the series little America with show creators. Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon. That's not happening. Neither are the first looks at the Animated Series Central Park and the Docu series home and the political coming of age documentary film. Boys State will also Miss. Its first big audience as Napa Property Amazon Studios facebook twitter. Tick Tock Mashal Intel all our companies. That just like apple have decided to give south by South West. Amiss and yet organizers say the festival will happen as scheduled as of now. Variety has show organizers saying that the annual music technology and Entertainment Festival in Austin Texas is still on the thirteenth through the twenty second of March

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