FDA Grants New Coronavirus Test Emergency Approval

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After what many are calling a catastrophic delay testing capacity is finally ramping up for the current virus in the US diagnostics giant Roche saying it received FDA's emergency authorization for its high volume test for cove in nineteen. The systems can provide results in three and a half hours. Roe says it will have millions of tests a month available for use. And that's welcome news to those in the public health world who say we still don't know the scope of the outbreak in the United States currently reported cases stand at more than sixteen hundred with forty one dead worldwide cases exceeding one hundred. Thirty five thousand with deaths approaching five thousand. Almost seventy thousand people have recovered. According to data from Johns Hopkins and many are asking especially here in the. Us numbers grow. What this disease looks like and how long it takes to run. Its course that we do have some data from the. Who'S MISSION TO CHINA TO GUIDE US? The symptoms can range from none at all to severe pneumonia. Almost ninety percent of lab confirmed cases had fever seventy percent of dry cough eighteen percent shortness of breath and fourteen percent of sore throat. Eighty percent of cases were mild to moderate and mild cases typically recovered within two weeks. Those with more severe disease. It took three to six weeks.

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