Hollywood moment: Harvey Weinstein's sentencing


Today. The disgraced Hollywood producer. Harvey Weinstein will be sentenced last month. He was convicted of rape and criminal sexual assault and faces up to twenty nine years in prison. Prosecutors have urged the judge to consider what they called a lifetime abuse towards others even though for most of those alleged abuses. Mr Weinstein has never been charged. His lawyers have petitioned for the minimum sentence of five years saying that any longer could constitute a defacto life sentence after Mr Weinstein conviction the Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Junior said. The change had come to America. This is a big day. This is a new day and I hope women will will understand the significance of the jury verdicts. Today is. Optimism was echoed. By some of Mr Weinstein's accusers and their lawyers is a historic. I never thought I would see in my lifetime. Change has come today. I have a message for Harvey for all of Users Rape Myth perpetuators victim blaming and knows retaliated against sets. This one's for you. Your time is up. The allegations against him formed at the start of the metoo movement very public example of what remains troublingly hidden kind of crime. It would be easy to see his conviction and imprisonment as a high point for me to next. He'll face charges in Los Angeles for crimes. He continues to deny. Just how much any of these cases will change. Things is far from clear hustling surprised. Sasha Economists Public Policy Editor Mr Watson case certainly wasn't a slam dunk. Some people may have had that impression but it was by no means a straightforward case. These sorts of trials of radio really complex and in addition is to watch team faced accuser's stories straightforward. In a way they were very representative of a lot of these cases in the sense that they fit coach. Roy Do rape in being something that happens with a lot of force and a ski mosque by Stranger instead. These women told stories of complex relationships including ongoing contacts with Mr Weinstein off to the souls and typically juries have really struggled with this kind of cases in fact most of those cases that make it anywhere need a jury and to that extent. Actually very atypical case. Because of course Mr. One Steen's case as well as the accusations have all played out very very publicly of in multiple accusers. Zubin spelled out in the media. One thing that made it question unusual case is that the judge allowed extra witnesses women who would not pass the charges against Mr Weinstein to nevertheless testify over previous aqel bad acts that they had experienced at his hands. Allegedly it certainly was quite controversial. May well be part of the grounds of a possible appeal by Mr Weinstein team. And what would that appeal? Look like it's Hampson. No I mean concerns have been raised about whether Mr Watson could have affected trial in given all the media attention publicity particularly in New York City before the trial. His team tried very hard to get. The trial moved to somewhere where they thought he might face a forgiving jury that was thrown out. This is a long process. Take easy setup two year and I guess one of the questions now that people Rossi's while is he gonNA get out to bail can continue to monitor while that process is ongoing which is has begun wanted to run up to his trial. So you say the result is a bit surprising and and certainly prosecutors and plenty of commentators have held it up as a sort of watershed moment is a sort of a apotheosis of the of of the metoo movement that essentially was launched. By by these cases. What's your take on that I think? The watershed which is an awful lot immediately after the valid. And I understand it. I mean this was a high stakes trial. Which the Manhattan. Da. Couldn't afford to lose so they threw themselves out this only on the hands. I think as as many celebrity trials we have to be careful with Conclusions hair. I hope it will be a watershed moment. There's an awful lot wrong with how sexual. Violence is is investigated and prosecuted. But I have my doubts. I think the the real test will come when single women also group of women come forward to accuse somebody of rape without the media attention right without. Will the inefficacious if you will of the accuser has been an awful lot of emphasis on how powerful Mr Weinstein is but his accusers. Happen quite powerful as well. Essentially they had public opinion rooting for them. And I think the real test of whether the the Weinstein verdict will have a BRUDER EFFECTS. On how serious criminal? Justice Systems. Juries take these kind of complex claims will only come when we see an everyday victim. Come forward with with a typical claim of sexual assault. So what you're essentially saying. There is that celebrity. Justice is fundamentally different. I mean why do you suppose? That is I- celebrity justice in general is just is only certain. Becerra was it is just different from normal justice putting old big bright lights and attention onto someone being accused in this case Mr Weinstein. That's a typical way of injustice remedy a J Simpson trial which was essentially works like a soap opera. Essentially didn't have that much impact with how of the mothers were investigated then tried in Los Angeles and I think the same will be the case with the wider significance of the wanting conviction. Today that said there is of course important symbolic function to mocking. Somebody like Mr Weinstein up and holding his feet to the fire. So I said he wouldn't diminish the symbolic importance of seeing someone powerful like him wrote into a cooled. Convicted unlocked. Up is just going to be careful with suggesting that. Will the other huddles that stand? In the way of getting justice for everyday victims have now disappeared. I mean the one distinction here between Mr Weinstein's case and the OJ Simpson case is that Mister Simpson was was acquitted whereas Mr Weinstein has been convicted. Don't you think that that at least has sort of knock on effect sort of casts a shadow over over future cases gives future jurors a sense that That that there is an example being set there. Yeah maybe I mean future jurors in reminded with this case that rape doesn't look the way they think looks so it's been very helpful to have this very public lesson. If you will in rape myths that rape is a complex crime that said we pull people every year on their attitudes dissection. Rasmussen doing that. Insensitive metoo movement took off. And in that we don't really see much of a change in public attitudes to sexual harassment and indeed in America way would have hoped that reporting rates of sexual violence had increased most under reported binding crimes often me to after an initial bump reporting rates of back down to what they were before me to see. Let's see what happens next year. You know it always takes a while to get the kind of data but be careful with two inches at this point.

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