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Horse Owned By Victor Martinez Headed For Kentucky Derby



We've seen some professional athletes. Those who bring in big money branch out into ownership after their playing days are over. Mario lemieux has won. Three Stanley Cup says owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins after leading them to two as a player. Magic Johnson Nolan Ryan and Warrick Dunne are among those who at one time co own the teams they once played for then there's Michael Jordan and Carolina David Beckham. Who's Inter- MIAMI. Mls team just began. Play this year and Lebron James who owns a piece of Liverpool in the English premier league who are among other athletes who have become owners. Then there's Victor Martinez a five time all star catcher and designated hitter primarily with the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers. He decided on ownership to and now. He has a chance to win his sports. Ultimate prize shot pin Geir Mo going after the leaders and goes tencent on the outside and Paco Lopez sets him down for the driving. He's picking up versus one by one but meanwhile upfront at fifty to one of King Gary Mode now going to aid. Here's pink derm O- on the outside trying to follow your gut. Said Chan said is home on the outside inside the final furlong. Do you believe this king at forty nine to one. He doesn't just want it. He wins it off in press. I cannot think of a former professional athlete. Who owned or co owned a Kentucky Derby winner? Maybe you can. Please let me know but Victor Martinez has a chance to be something of a trailblazer and we are fortunate enough to welcome Victor Martinez for the First Time. Here to investigate. What was it like for you that day? It was crazy it was crazy man with a lot of stuff that we were just praying that you know he likes the door he likes the dirt and then you know I remember having my wife be right beside on my right and You know the final stretch. She kids saying we won. We won and I was like no. You know we still. It's still a race to go super race to go. And she was like we weren't we weren't and then we. I think we're the only people in the race track that was jumping and screaming because he was forty nine to one You know we have gone through a you know a lot of stuff with him. You know special. Because what he's made he's He's debut he may He's view in fighting. Hafer loans on dirt right so you know He. He came out of the big favourite of the race. You know because of these workers stuffing You know it was a fourteen horse. Feel and he ended up seeks to raise so it was Kinda. You know disappointed but we were happy. I mean as a family have my whole family there. We'll have a great time and that was what it's all about. I was I was trying to do that to have with my family but you know I remember the trainer. One Carlos was very very disappointed about his performance. He was you know what I'm saying. I'm sorry I don't know what happened. That was like don't worry about it. I mean we have a great time. You know we have a lot of people came to us and say that king a year is a terrific guy. He got a racer grass so well we decided to give him a chance on on on turf grass and we put him on a mile rate. You got a king gear. Mouse can gear midway on. The turn is opened up. A six length advantage gear comes into the stretch with a seven length. Lead Kozel Listrik Joe. Second third but king who they gotta catch can gear ball popular. Victory here can gear them out by about eight legs so we were like okay. I think he he liked turfing. You know we put him on another race. These these time was the steak then. He came third. So you know He. He lost the race in the final four lawn. Something like that and You know he he make another another big race but I still have my dream united. See how my dream from like my Kentucky Derby horsing. I told the trainer one time I told him Carl listen. I think he deserved one. More shot on dirt. So let's put him on one more time and but Lisa he's not gonNA raise any those leader races. Let's put him on a raise. That point to the Kentucky and he looked at me and he was agreed. We put him on the temporary. We you know we went out there to try. Try Him on again. And then we came out with spider it every now you talked about your trainer Juan Carlos Ave line. You're rider Sammy. Camacho are not that well known on the national thoroughbred racing scene they like you are Venezuelan. Had you thought about going with a more well-established trainer and rider to prepare for the Kentucky? Derby Nope nope they put him in the Kentucky every day going with him to the Kentucky Derby. That's how it works for me.

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Horse Owned By Victor Martinez Headed For Kentucky Derby

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