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Welcome to kids myths and mysteries. I'm your host Kent crump in my investigation into the paranormal the metaphysical. I'm lucky net. Ghosts and poltergeists inspectors. I'm lucky psychics. And mediums and clairvoyance from the side of myth and fact yesterday we looked. Pope Joan a female pope on the point of being a myth. That could become a fact today. We're going to look at a fact. That is being regarded as remiss. We traveled from Rome to the Northwest Territories in Canada. It's a South Mahoney in Canada's Northwest Territory and is a world heritage site but it is mostly inaccessible. It missed the ICE age. It is comprised of thousands of square miles. Boreal forests never touched by man. But Hanni river is intersected by four ballets numerous canyons during the great Alaskan Gold Rush than the Hani us. The river was thought to be a shortcut to the Yukon. And that's where the story really begins in Nineteen Five. A young Indian boy emerged from the valley was several gold nuggets that he gave to a local bishop who had them made into a gold chain for his watch fact. That was all it took for. Two young men will in Frank McCloy D- to venture up in the Hani Valley Panning. The various creeks and streams that flowed into the river. They found gold at least according to a diary that was found at the site of their cabin when they hadn't returned by the following year a search party including a third brother said out and found their headless bodies tied to a couple of spruce trees upside down. More fact this was the beginning of the Grizz legend that became headless or deadman's valley from nine hundred ninety six when the bodies were found to nineteen sixty over. Fifty prospectors entered headless valley in search of the MIC. Lloyd's Gold Mine and some vanished and others were found headless more fact headless valley was an area never touched by the great ice age. It is said to be heated by underground thermals than Hani itself passes between thousand foot cliff. Walls areas of the valley are believed to have been a refuge for the woolly. Mammoth a strange bear dog. Like creature called Awadhi La along the cliffs lived Naja Naja Indians that unlike the donets simply vanished so remote as an Hani Bali that fewer than a dozen men have visited this area enter Albert faily born in eighteen eighty eight Minnesota by the age of twenty three. He was running a hundred mile trap. Line along the layered river one of the tributaries leading into the Hani. This was nineteen eleven just six years. After the McCloy brothers headless bodies had been found after decades wondering along the layered. Hani working trap lines as body was no longer up to the task in the mid nineteen fifties s and in his late sixties. Albert failure decided to go after the mkx. Lloyd's Lost Gold Mine. He was a longtime resident of Fort Simpson. And once the ice had left the rivers he would set out in a twenty foot. John Book loaded with supplies for the five hundred mile trip. They would take him to the mouth of what was referred to as headless valley or headless creek the site where the headless bodies of the mkx. Lloyd's had been found all those years ago. Besides the daunting mileage. He portage round. Virginia falls twice the height of Niagara. Falls a task. That would take him a week just to move his supplies. Once above the falls he would build a second boat and continue up the Hani one year. His goal was capsized in rough weather and he almost drowned another trip. Winter set in early while living in a hastily constructed cabin he had gotten scurvy and pulled out several loose teeth with pliers year after year trip after trip. He come up short and half to turn back by nine hundred sixty two. At the age of seventy four. He was still making the trip communist close to forty miles to the McCloy mine. Once confronted by another resident of Fort Simpson. He was asked if he was going to try again. Now remember seventy four. He answered that he would be dead or drown before he would quit on a personal note. I I learned of Albert faily and a headless valley. Forty-eight probably fifty years ago now when he was still making the trip I was in high school. An eighteen minute documentary was made in nineteen sixty two about Albert failure. You can now watch on Youtube. It's an amazing story about an amazing man and this is like a lost world. This is up fact. Pack story yet. A lot of people consider it miss miss about the Naja what happened. These Indians myth about gold mine of the MIC Lloyd's so a fact based story that's regarded as missed and at some point. Someone will find the mine and it will become

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