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Trump's virus speech to nation: Too little, too late


During last night's prime time address trump rolled out a travel ban from Europe scheduled to take effect in just over twenty four hours tonight. The Washington Post reports. The president realized today that his speech last night did little to calm fears about corona virus quote trump. Who believed that? By giving the speech he would appear in command as remarks would reassure financial markets and. The country was in an unusually foul mood and sounded at times apoplectic on Thursday as he watched stocks tumble and digested widespread criticism of his speech. Today at the White House trump defended his decision while also seeming to open the door to limits on travel within the. Us people went from. John and Europe suffered tremendously. What's going on and so I just wanted that to stop as it pertains to the states other restrictions within the United States to Washington state. Or we haven't discussed yet. Is it a possibility if somebody gets a little bit out of Control Erie too high and I don't want people dying? That's what I'm all about. One of the main obstacles to fighting. The outbreak in the United States continues to be a lack of testing today. Dr Anthony Fauci. The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was very candid when he spoke to Congress about the testing shortage. The system does not is not really geared to what we need right now. What you are asking for that is a failing and it is a failing. Let's admit it the idea of anybody getting it easily. The way people in other countries are doing it. We're not set up for that. Do I think we should be yes? But we're not down the street at the White House. The president had a very different take on testing. They have a million tests of now. We're going to have over. The next. Few days are going to have four million tests and frankly the testing has been going very smooth. Millions of big list is a brand new thing. We've just happened but millions of being reduced today even some Republican lawmakers fact checking the president. That's obviously the goal is to be able to testing everybody. Who wants to have something to be able to get into? We ever get in multiple locations but that's not accurate right now. Every stop saying now people should not save. You should go now amid all of this it appears. Donald Trump is at another close brush a brush with corona virus. The Press Secretary for the Brazilian president who reportedly has now tested positive for the virus. Dined with the president in mar-a-lago this past weekend senator. Lindsey Graham was there to his office announced he's in self quarantine today. The White House issued a statement that said in part both the president and vice president had almost no interactions with the individual who tested positive and do not require being tested at this time and today from seemed unworried. We did nothing very

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Trump's virus speech to nation: Too little, too late

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