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David Johnson, Deforest Buckner And Andre Hopkins discussed on Sal Licata


O'clock on five usual or no baseball no basketball no hockey no one's playing football but the NFL entry one of its busiest times is the free agency period jets and giants in on the early action the jets come to terms with that offense of linemen former Seahawks tackle George fant the former college basketball player west the tough he gets thirty million over three years from the jets the giants to land one of the top quarterbacks on the market they come to terms with James Bradberry formally the Panthers three years forty five million the bills are sending a full load of draft picks including a first round pick for the Viking for wide receiver Stefon Diggs and were coming in just now the cowboys are reportedly keeping Amari Cooper five years one hundred million Marcus Mariota on his way to the Las Vegas raiders were whole backup Derek Carr news making trade earlier the all pro wide receiver de Andre Hopkins Delphi detected to the cardinals for the former all pro running back David Johnson the forty Niners traded all pro defensive tackle deforest Buckner to the colts for the number thirteen pick in this year's draft the former cowboys cornerback Byron.

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