Brian Scalabrine, aka 'White Mamba', joins the Pod! - burst 4


Like you see all these accounts like my house highlights any other these big big big basketball media accounts we pride ourselves on that we like to answer as many as we can have these conversations with these young kids and little debate that my. I don't. I'm not afraid to tell a fifteen year old kid now when we've discussed basketball because he has the right to his own opinion. And so do I know. But that's kind of what we like is having these conversations with our audience and really being an interactive podcast. Good man I tell you said it's a big difference. You guys should make sure that you guys are not in the millennial. Category of medical team at he'll podcast. Yeah to say you guys actually label your podcast as the Best Z. Podcast OUT THERE. That the what's the name of your podcast? The millennial I guess yes good POWs. It's on Butler Kendrick Perkins RIC Bucher Ryan mcdonagh former GM. We have Emerald Admiral. Show scofield that place to the Washington wisdom so we bring in like different perspectives. All the time and we just WanNa hear like from these guys Caramba. Nba Champ Rick Euchre's NBA

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