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Crypto Market Stabilizes


You are well and look. It's going to be going to be said that the markets definitely all over the shop when we talk about international markets like the global index markets. The world. They rather acting rather irrational. Which is what we tend to see. In periods of uncertainty. Severe is what we're seeing at the moment. So what happened. In those markets well is despite the fact that both both made. Us indices have closed up significantly. We say them coming off a guy now on the futures contracts as we late into the Australian trading sessional to stop to get through head towards midnight. What does it actually mean for us in Crypto? And this is what I've been talking about a little bit more lightly. Of course with the you know trying to work out of his any link between the two day if the coupling if anything that we can glean as far as useful information frost trade crypto and done so far really which call happy about on unhappy to see what's going on in the sense that we're not combining the two and saying the s pay hundred drop heavily. Ron and then all of a sudden we see whack. The bitcoin process tank is well. We're not saying that sort of thing MCI. Wouldn't we not saying that that? Tom Correlation which is in Vermont. One OF THE ORLEANS. A really good thing. What did we say on Bitcoin yesterday? Well a whole lot and on a lot with we've now gone through two days of relative nothingness. Of course we did say significant move on Sunday. Our sort of small move on the Saturday which was the seventh of March followed by strong. Move there on that Sunday. The item of Maat Since we sold it quite significant decline pushing us to when you low low we we have seen a great deal since and that ladies and gentlemen is good in my eyes. Now what am I going to do before they move they tend to the bounce straight up? Which is what else hoping to say if I was going to find a short on Bitcoin or any of these top ten or any. Any the Oakland's really especially against the US deal petrol but we haven't seen that really good pool by saying quote messy shots to be fair with sort of banging around eight thousand mark end up Breaking down through the but I've got to be honest from that eilly trend right now. There isn't a great deal of information that shots giving me at this point. Now you've heard me say before you Hemi gain. There is a huge amount of patients required to be successful. Now somebody who jumps show is not somebody who feels the need to always have tried on and this is why this stall tried People that don't have a great deal of time because you don't need to be trading all the time he needs to be patiently waiting for opportunities to arise and that sort of doing scans every single day is to find opportunities. Put them in a watch list and white for those opportunities to come about. So you don't need a huge toll. Manera die would do it. Just finding out that fits a window when candles closing that is covered within our training. So let's have a look at what was actually going away just below thousand now. Bitcoin sitting at seven nine full five point six six percent on today a yesterday's trading with colleagues half an hour ago was actually down point six percent so he pretty much gained back a little bit there. And and that's about that theory is above two hundred dollars once more We off on some really good support there. The minute around two hundred one ninety. Four thirty five is the precisely solar as resistance back at the back end of loss. Jaylo running through Tobin November. We broke down low. We pushed up fan resistance gyn earliest. Gm push straight through that on why to just show. I have three hundred currently where two hundred two and just holding in that region rotten. Now it's going to be interesting to see. Just exactly how theorem reacts? There's a little bit of a consolidation loan time. There's nothing for me to be tried at this stage. We'll add when we look at exile paint. They've got to be very mindful that we have pulled back to other bracket level early in the year. That level was nineteen point. I said let's just ran that twenty Sorry twenty cents. We a little bullish candle off of there and we are having a NAS. It'll pull back at the minute. It's quite steady. It's quite slow and the maltby something on our loving it raw now all. That's for sure. Twenty one cents point three point six percent. Bitcoin cash is holding very steady. Down of course is still in play. there's no doubt about that coming up to sixty to seventy three spot. Six zero point six percent right now. That's more or less. What the whole board. So across the board is saying that a little bit of resistance there run but that sort of two eighty four bitcoin cash but again nothing convincingly enough right now to rice out there and And get to try them bitcoin. Svn point two of a percent sitting at one nine forty seven jazzed hang a right smack bang in there on that. Two hundred dollar mock We do have that daily downturn stealing. It didn't break. The law to significant labor. Did however break those laws and there is some resistance rod around two hundred and three dollars and sixty cents to the upside. I Guy Nothing. They're just yet but I am keeping a close eye on making sure that if was to occur. This patient fellow is there at the ready one. Nine forty seven point two seven lock coins fifty dollars and fifty six cents a point six two ovalles percent and we sitting Roy Almighty's new level right at fifty dollar mark that round number fifty dollars to support resistance in the past. We have support down there. Forty nine flat out. We'll have to wait and see how that evolves for the day a US again point. Six percent up hauling of three dollars a three to one thousand nine cents deal going on there that daily downturn still imagine. Will we see these oats about today? Well time will tell. Vaughn is another one sitting in there at sixty knows ninety six cents a point seven full off I percents still quite uninspiring chart for trying to like make the keeping an eye. Full point one cents. We're recording donahue. It's up point. Four three it was senator and classic point four at six dollars and eighty five cents. Looks as the mob be little bit a little bit all resistance. Roughly around that seven dollars round number. Nothing for me to try just yet but still another level for me to be keeping a close eye on. It's a round out the top ten with sitting at Toronto. One point five cents a point six of a percent and very similar to the rest of the mark. Not Great Deal. They just yet. So what do we do on Day elected day? Well WE SPENT ON TRADING PLAN. We have a look at what trades we've taken and to report. We go through certain areas and and refresh what we do do. Uh Scans we sit back. We white with patient. What are we? We don't go hunting try. That don't exist okay. The last couple of days have been very very quiet. On what trading account that is not to be said that things won't change. We know they change very very quickly. So we'll give it time wight. I'll take the very best track because once again. You don't need a lot of time and you don't need a lot of trades to do very well. You just need to do the right traits at the right time. Have a great day guys get across Dot Com now views and expressions held in the advert at the beginning of this. Podcast are not endorsed by Charley Cobb. This advert to sponsor the podcast decisions and speak to a financial adviser for doing anything..

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