'The Invisible Man' Movie Review


Start with invisible man now this of course is a carotene many many times the classic universal monster this one is very different the story really looks at the woman who is dating the invisible man she's played by Elizabeth moss and as the movie begins she tried to escape from him now he's not visible yet he's a terrible human being so she sneaks out in the middle and I trying to escape his clutches start a new life and just as that process happen she learns that he's dead he killed himself and she's mostly relieved but she can't quite believe it is and some of the kind of guy who would take his own life and well maybe her a hunch is a pretty girl mega suddenly things are moving around in her new home she feels a presence there and she wonders is it possible he still really here but maybe he's invisible so that's the set up here twenty million the box office that's a good number they had a very low budget so it's going to it's obviously successful already and I think it's a very you could say it's a woke presentation because the focus is on the woman at the man I thought it was clever I thought was very suspenseful I really didn't like the X. extreme ending that they bring about but otherwise I thought this is very entertaining and I even though I think it's sort of a up in a where a socially aware movie that violence in relationships it doesn't lecture us it's all about the entertainment the jump scares the thrills and it's got some problems I really

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