Los Angeles County declares state of emergency


The biggest story of the week has to be cove in nineteen the corona virus and its continued spread throughout the United States the death toll has risen to twelve people that number could be changing but as of now that's what we have this past week we had our first death in California that was connected to a cruise ship that traveled from the U. S. to Mexico Los Angeles also declared a health emergency after there were six new cases that were confirmed there one of which was a worker and Allie X. two screens incoming flights from China for more on this we spoke to Steve Gregory he's a reporter KFI news in Los Angeles to talk about how local cities are handling the outbreak and also why we might have to start practicing social distancing a state of emergency for people to know is that it's basically a message in which to free up funding resources supplies I think people are most commonly hearing state of emergency after a tornado and earthquake a flood and when they call in female things like that well in a health crisis like this states of emergency do exactly the same thing is other natural disasters and Daddy is that document allows the federal government to tap into a reserve fund or state government or a regional government and they're able to get these funds to help them pay for overtime additional staffing more testing kits which is a really big deal right now with this covert nineteen strain and in Los Angeles actually in some cases a little overdue to do this because we already had the six confirmed cases and we also know that they've tested at least six hundred fifty people in the Los Angeles county area thus far and only the six have come out with the actual confirmation of the virus so that state of emergency it basically allows governments to tap into reserve funds and reserve resources the official speaking today said that this was not a response rooted in panic and that's important to say because people do your emergency and they are going crazy what we know about the new cases and L. eighty six cases we do know that they all originated from the same travel situation and that means basically they've ruled out that it was person to person in California or in southern California self but basically those infected it were a result of inbound travel from northern Italy in that area people have been traveling there come back together as a group and then they splintered off after they got into the Los Angeles county area and then they were sort of having to work to contain all of them but they found the point of origin for the virus of all the six cases and that was the concerning part of this community spread it which they suspected was what was happening in Washington state that's the bad version that's not what you want I did read and correct me if I'm wrong they said that the six case was a person who works in a field that exposes them to international travelers what we've been able to find out if it's a worker at the Los Angeles International Airport and that worker was inside of it what they call an airline trains that land so this could be one of those VIP lounges something along those lines that was the first thing I thought airport I wrote in my notes right here airport and big question marks one of the other interesting things like Los Angeles officials are talking about this was this notion of social distancing I caught my ear right away there's different efforts to try to stem the spread of things so we know about isolating patients that are infected from other people so that doesn't get out quarantining we've heard about that but social distancing is this other element to this tell us about that because that one kind of leads into when you start hearing about ghost towns people not going out or I think the line was stay six feet away from strangers basically all we're saying is be aware of your personal space and make sure you're aware of others personal space that's really what it boils down to the very fancy term that medical professionals use and especially this case epidemiologists and others that have to deal with mass situations there have been a lot of meetings with those that run venue here we have staples center we have the Microsoft center we have a lot of venues in Los Angeles where lots of people gather M. in particular sports arenas and sports gatherings and that's a big problem right now which was funny to me during a press conference this morning when they were talking about that and every political official behind them were all standing shoulder to shoulder and it was kind of interesting that they're telling everyone else to be aware of their personal space and everyone else was almost arm in arm and it's kind of interesting but it really boils down to common sense and that's what the health director of the Los Angeles county health department was really trying to get across the declaration of state of emergency it's just an administrative function there's no need to panic wash your hands make sure you're aware of your space around you don't crowd someone else be cognizant of when you're going to a public space into a restroom or anything like that just be aware of your

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