Celer Network Off-Chain Layer-2 Scaling And State Channels


Yeah for sure So Sarah is unified and coherent to Scaling Platform. That combines multiple layered. Who's getting allergies including Channel Side chains Mistake side chains and also There recently we're having expanding to the rollout construct optimistic construct ways to four. Uvm compatibility and You know that's You know kind of be awful at center is and we're aiming to do here is that you provide a very coherent and unified framework before the doctor. Purse to build their applications on their two was different. Kind of trade off easily and tuna bowl trade-offs using different kind of underlying technology Pisa. So I'm were from unified easing together as kind of unified free more here in so seller is known for being an off chain skill ability platform. Can you compare seller to something like Matic and Note checkpoints in sort of compare the two solutions. Yeah I mean In general there are a lot of the layer who is getting solutions and the The the general theme of any layers getting solution is to do most of the computing off chain and do most of the storage off Saints and you know Before we jump into some of the most more the product there is also lightning. There's a Redan than These are all to products and compared to your liking reading. is pretty straightforward. Meaning that you know. We are often that provide the functionality additional to just a single payment or we can also do smart contracts from actions and real time zero calls. That's mark from on actions on a powerful. So that's that's the difference between lightning underrating. He's GonNa sink in what analogy out all. I always use e set if we're comparing zero to Bitcoin You know it's like comparing if if we compare center to lightning enforcer to Raven is like comparing theorem to be quite. It's kind of both are kind of on the same layer but we introduced the functionality to do smart contract now for Matic Madigan Friends and also working on layer two skating powerful. And you know they have been using a plasma based construct You know as as the industry a have got to know the Has their challenges but also kind of a all augmenting on top of plasma. Dui's exciting as well to process some smart contracts transactions and the process some attractions on the pasta layer. That is no smart contracts based So we're taking a different route in the anchoring point. Two four the Lear one blessing. We're using optimism. Roll up off their Intel. Elsey Missouri So the underlying technology is different. You know there are has some traits but like I think a lot of the communities converging towards the optimistic Right now and you know in addition to that we also come by a generalized. Stay tunnel technology. Which has been our focus From the beginning. And you know to allow this kind of a real time. Instant interaction between different dealers without was absolutely zero transaction fee and. That's something that is only available in the of four as well. Yeah absolutely Moving off chain definitely gets rid of many of the cost that you incur while doing tangent transactions on chain can you show what type of transactions are recommended for off chain versus on chain? An example is like if. I want to send a million dollars in Ethiopia. I want that to be or any other token. I want that to be like finalized on chain. What what types of applications for off chain transaction are they sort of smaller transactions? That shouldn't be finalized. No I I wouldn't say that I think a lot of lear to scaling First and foremost has the same security garden. T. as layer ones scaling. That's what we're aiming for except for some other some some more a small subset of state as Like pure side chains. That data would definitely have different kind of scattered but at the end also security assumption of their Liam lodging essay if pure blockchain or pure side chain You know the security level is definitely much less than the other one chain buddy for using optimistic of channels. This is the same now in terms of what kind of trauma action should occur on there to really depends on the technology or techniques that we choose to use if it is a state China for example generalized. A State Channel The the best kind of attraction. I can handle this kind of really interactive micro payment You know payback pay bite or this kind of interactive game transactions where you're interacting with other people in real time and these transactions will be extremely with both channels and then you know optimistic. Roll up a trade off a little bit of latency to huge deduction in cost and a huge improvement the English report and it was any loss of generality of ABM compatibility basically so Autism rob up. You can pretty much to any seeing like a decentralized exchange Like defy London political. You know you can run lending her for sure on opportunities throughout construct. That was no problem and these these things can definitely be wrongly or two. Now you know going forward looking forward into the future There is a trend that you know the you know Some of the storage part of the two of the incentive of the storage might be different from the incentive of raising mayor one. So if you want to kind of have the current as storage mode where you kind store your data or your Metron National Oreo. Balance of authored tokens or asset permanently without any kind of a worrying. you know on chain or any kind of other kind of payment model You can do this only or what? otherwise You know we're we're actually move pretty believed the inhaler to future meaning like most of the transactions on most of the logics will actually happening. Are there too in several era. What they won't be the anchoring point in a binding points to ensure the security and do the surrounding utility club actual for the gigawatts great. So I've heard you mention that everything is off chain and should remain on a option until there's some sort of dispute you've compared it to sort of the court system in a country where there everything's good until there's a dispute in and then you have something like dispute resolution. Can you explain a little bit? About how Dispute Resolution works on seller network. Yeah so you know forty four. The state channel part there is something called a state Guardian Network that is watching the state for the different users when they goes all flying so if there is any Happened against any user. The Guardian or go dispute with whatever is the most recent state of Chink basically. So let's say you are playing chess game and we're making moves and the interactive moves and you know Let's say one party. I'm I'm the militias guy here. I'm the bad guy here. Tried to establish or tried to start at the score unchain saying that you lost a game but you know obviously this is not the most recent estates neutrally signed by both of us and the state Guardian will go. You can actually Disputes Through District Contract. That was bound basically saying okay. He's saying that I lost the game but this is actually the most recent estate mute on military signed by both of us and this is actually saying that I lost a game. So you know. I'm actually waiting to might statement. The you know with a Bummed IF I'm if I turn out to be lying I will be a full faded with the ball. So for example that is one way off this building in layer two and another Pass to puree for for talking optimistically. Easter challenge the block ability or the challenge of this transition but a bit of an offer to actions so optimistic. Roll up your constantly committing this kind of a small stays tradition point at along with all the call data that made this transition points possible right so basically. You're saying okay. This is the mercury ruled stays one. And then there's all call data and then this is the mercury would upstate to and you know with some amenities like you know storage access lists and all that stuff and you have a arching evaluate or contract that will be able to take the Morkel root of they won along with some witness data and then the data and then to try to check whether it will actually end up in the second estate data you. The broad proposers claims that ends up too. So this is kind of another tech You know a kind of a dispute or kind of a arbitration process but overall the arbitration process is basically working like you know you have some disagreement on chain as very often but you retain all the evidence needed to testify who is actually correct and then you rely on some on. Ching smart contract by combining the often data with this audience mark contract to judge. He's actually at fault so whoever is at fault will lost money in the dispute and chatting to process whoever is right will gang the incentive and at the same time north Los Anything great so this is one of the challenges of of having something off chain is that you might have disputes because of different disputes over the state of the channel. When somebody goes off line and so you have the Guardian state channels to sort of mediate. That can you tell us about some of the other challenges that you had to overcome when doing off chain layer to scaling. All you know I think I think other challenges Let's see like liquidity. Yeah I mean another another kind of challenges. For kind of a layer two protocols you have to have a certain bonded to do the challenge or to do kind of the proposal of the blogs and you know in general layer to cripple economics is something that is a very interesting very under research You know just take an example here For example in optimistic roll up approach You know we basically the Basically nose to make this thing very Bam compatible and Burger flexible but one thing that is not fully solved yet I think he's like a you know what's the structure for the block per foot property. Oser right to win the blocker. He was a block to Blockchain wasn't incentive for him. And how should we mean -taying trust award same as all of this You know a producer at the same time game hemming enough incentive to lay the block and without any kind of censorship cars so there are there is different approach proposed by different teams You know up to optimism of something called a minor extrapol- value auction the auction and You know For example offering labs is using this kind of unchain inbox combined with kind of an offering sequencer to solve this a censorship. Problem but a full as We provide a very native way to solve this problem by reusing. The State Guardian That is already available in this day channel network So that the State Garden Network will be relaying. The transactions For the optimistic a roll off directly to the to the shing or to the layer layer two one word and that solves says censorship problem that solves said the You know incentive problem for the blocker abuser and that solves the storage incentive problems for the Broncos it produce are all in a single package so basically whoever can stake cetera token you into the garden or will not only be able to ammonia state for these state channels but also will be calm and be acting as a blocker? Luther for the optimus constructs can you? I think I read recently that you guys were working on tests for a hybrid proof of stake roll up side. Chain is what you've been describing as the optimistic roll up that's right that's right so you know the Pew roll out something like that so you have via have whiteboard. So what are you can have here is. You can have a basically three layers off later to construct the snowpack clear soak in the lowest layer. What you can have easier. You can have optimistic roll up and then you in the Middle East have pugh side chain. That is acting as the block producer But at the same time it can't also process base attraction execution directly on the Pew Layer. If you don't want the ultimate security insured by authencity and on help that you house channel can plug into both off You know these parts here. Basically can have stay channel to plug into the pros mistake side and also come into the optics upside if they want. You want to process this kind of a super real time. Interactive washes so. That's kind of what we say. A holistic approach a we have been focusing on the state channel part. And for this later this is the Australian stays guardian. That's that we have been working out and then you know. Sdn have the EM capability and also have the ability to relate..

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