Tear gas shot by Turkey and Greece over migrants at border


Now for over a week Greece and Turkey have been locked in an acrimonious standoff since Ankara announced it will no longer prevent migrants crossing to the European Union Greece's vowed not to let migrants in its Coast Guard boats have forced migrant dinghies back at sea and have fired warning shots Greece's prime minister has said that Turkey has orchestrated the crisis and he's using the migrants as political pawns Turkey accuses Greece of endangering lives and violating international law on asylum at the border town of Kasur niece they have been further clashes Turkish forces fired tear gas across the border Greece security forces responded with tear gas of their own and water cannons this in a bid to stop migrants from crossing and then late last night fire ripped through a refugee shelter on the Greek island of Lesbos this was a school for refugee children located inside the same compound on the line is the Arab Israeli journalist Lucy Harish she spent some time at that school only a few weeks ago Lucy good morning welcome good morning Julian thank you for having me what are you hearing about the events of that school in the last twelve hours or so well basically what god I've heard in the last twelve hours is that the police are still investigating double deliberate to ours and that occurred in the school and we have to understand the what happened on the island on Lesvos island which has been let's say then like everybody were in one way or another looking that this is going to happen I think that clashes when I was there few few weeks ago clashes occurred between locals and between extreme right activists that came in today online and basically all the NGOs spoke had a big meeting a few weeks ago with the E. U. and they explained very delicate situation that they're in so I think that in one way or another everybody were expecting that something like that will happen just just give a bit of context about because clearly nobody's going to justify the violence that's going on here our system numbers I mean when it when you look at the numbers of people arriving compared with the number of people who live on less boss most of the time he's he's a strikingly dramatically different number that is why there is exactly this is the point this is the exact point that we need to focus on because I not in last boss and not this specific part of the island there is a refugee camp Moria refugee camp where refugee camp was built originally for three hundred three thousand four hundred people right now it contains twenty three thousand people so we're talking that the locals are that are living in Lesvos are twenty seven thousand people so basically we're talking about the same amount of refugees compared like the same amount of people were living in Greece so I think that the clashes were or something that everybody were expecting and and I understand like you know like you said we're not of course are talking or about this specific violence but we need to understand that that was something that everybody were knew that it's going to happen and that for me you know the school was a ray of light for the refugees this school basically contains two hundred and fifty students are the school operates from the morning until the evening and the morning they're giving like Moore told our people work to to study all language and in the afternoon hours are around one hundred and eighty children refugee children are coming to school and studying in their own language some of them are studying Arabic some of them studying in Farsi some of them are studying in friend told by the refugees prism yes and taught by fellow refugees this school was built originally by the youth movement official match that you're Israeli youth movements with a child the Israeli Arab youth movement out three years ago so it was originally built like into classes they went out they decided that they need to do something as rally youngsters decided that they need to do something they went out to Lesbos and they originally wanted to stay there for three months R. three months we came out a year and a year became three years now they had I think they had they had nine classes everything every single thing is totally burned down and I have to tell you that this rips my heart because I don't understand how if this was a deliberate action I don't understand how someone can actually come and hurt and burned a community center and a school for children you know and the last two years aha the the unfortunate situation is that what you're seeing that of course the Europeans are Europe and and and the international community is basically standing aside with everything that is happening with the refugee crisis I don't want to even start talking about the Arab countries and the Arab leadership because the Arab countries didn't open their doors to the refugees coming from Syria what is happening lately with us out with that the last one varmints that we saw on the news and everything that is happening in Syria will make this crisis even bigger and you seen the Arab countries and the Arab leadership standing aside for the people who are in the school it is very important for them and that's for the teachers and that the that the older daughter the people were managing the school it's very important for them to pass the message that they stand without solidarity with the people of Greece because if we are like you said this is not the problem of Greece this is not the problem of of of of Europe but at the end of the day we need to find a solution to these people worse sitting and and don't have anything and waiting for something to happen and you know saying the few years ago I think it was two years ago that the E. U. R. declared that the refugee crisis and it and it's not if you are walking in the refugee camp Maury in Lesbos you don't see human beings you see shadows of human beings you see people that don't have hope you see people that don't have anything people that are literally living in the garbage and I think yes not forgive me the passion that you feel on the subject comes through loud and clear and we were talking about the politics of it in in some detail earlier on the program I very much appreciate you coming on and telling us the story of that school and I'm sorry it's in the circumstances of these Arab Israeli journalist and Lucy a harsh on events on Lesbos as they've emerged in the last twelve hours or

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