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America, Ireland And Budget Director discussed on Outdoorsman Radio Show


Looking for force I'm Pam who sell fox news that ship off the coast of California is testing people for the corona virus and thus far twenty one cases have been confirmed the wait for test results continues for more than three thousand people on board the grand princess for now they're hunkering down in their cabins about seventy miles off the coast of San Francisco at least eight passengers who were on this ship previous cruise to Mexico have tested positive for covert nineteen including the California man who died of the disease on Wednesday fox's Claudia Cowan authorities are planning to dock the ship in a non commercial port passengers who are sick will be treated those who are not will be quarantined later today vice president Mike pens will meet with executives from the cruise line industry in Florida the nation's capital records its first case of the virus coming after two people tested positive after attending the annual eight pack policy conference a pack is a major pro Israel lobbying group their yearly policy conference hosting thousands of supporters and government officials both vice president Mike pence and secretary of state Mike Pompeii were in attendance this year fox's eyes Hans ni worldwide there are more than a hundred thousand infections in the midst of the health crisis president trump shakes up his inner circle acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney has been replaced by North Carolina congressman mark meadows Mulvaney's also been serving as office of management and budget director it's not clear if she'll stay on in that second job president trump tweeted Mulvaney will service special envoy for Northern Ireland fox's jail made L. another milestone for SpaceX the company now in its fiftieth rocket landing after launching a cargo load of supplies to the international space station America is.

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America, Ireland And Budget Director discussed on Outdoorsman Radio Show

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