NFL Draft 2020: Packers blindsided Aaron Rodgers with Jordan Love pick


Operate Jacobin the NFL draft came off without a hitch last night and was a welcome relief in rounds two and three you'll be tonight but this week's event as certainly re energize the football fan commissioner Roger Goodell was a guest on CBS this morning is hoping the NFL can start on time but the draft continues tonight last night's first round didn't have any surprises up top but they came later in the evening the Packers at the biggest eye opening move trading up to take Utah state quarterback Jordan love Green Bay is coming off a conference championship game appearance but instead of adding a weapon for Aaron Rodgers of which there were several possible wants to add they didn't step decide to draft his successor GM Brian Goodwin said it came down to finding the top player on their board Rogers was drafted late in the first round fifteen years ago and sat behind Brett Farr for three years perhaps the Packers will follow that same plan with love certainly needing seasoning after a down year with the Aggies the Bengals let off the draft by taking Heisman Trophy winner Joe borrow as expected all the number one pick in tonight's second round as well some of the other winners from last night's first round include the Miami Dolphins went three picks in the opening round and still got to a talk by lower thought was the tank for two up but that seemingly went out the window when they won five of their last nine games but they still got their guy at number five the Alabama quarterback is downplayed concerns over his injury saying he's fully recovered from hip surgery they also drafted some protection selecting offense of tackle Austin Jackson out of U. S. see the box also beefed up their offense of line moving up a spot to take some protection for Tom Brady and I was tackled Tristen worst tiki and Tierney will have complete coverage of tonight's festivities beginning

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