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Black we all need a Webcam to look better on our zoom meetings because arc are webcams on. The computer are Super Low resolution. There's an APP for that. There's an APP for that. If you use your phone our good friend Jennifer jolly his try to bunch them out and Jen. Hwa You feel people in start off with what was the best APP used. Okay so the very best APP for android phones was the DROID CAM ex pro. That's five dollars. There is a free version but the amount of ads made me absolutely insane within just a few minutes so I would say five bucks for the pro version. That one for me was by far. The easiest to use overall has the best overall. Look and feel the drawback in it's funny Jeff because every single one of these has a pro and con the biggest con for this one was that it only works with Lenox and Windows operating systems. So as long as you have one of those you can grab an old android phone as long as that android phone isn't more than I'd say. Five years old has a decent Webcam. It's just easy to navigate simple to use. You can split your live streams and also livestream to Twitter Youtube. So it's just simple easy setup everything okay well let me throw this. Throw this out at you. Anybody can respond to zoom invitation. Click the link on their phone and then start talking on their phone using the phone's camera. I've done it. I'm sure you've done it as well and it's way higher resolution. That THE ONLY SNAG. Is You have to make sure that your propping the phone up against something and not looking not having the look up at your nose you you want to be on a level. So why would I even care about one of these APPs when I could just use my phone without it? There's a lot more that you can do in them. They're more feature rich They also tend to use the better camera APP They're more intuitive. They're easier to use with teams so there's just a lot more features that you can do with them. The things like two way audio video recording just better overall for these video-teleconferences okay. Now I should mention that this new one plus camera this one plus a phone. One plus eight pro. That came out today I been reviewing it and I did a live stream using the camera on their which looked really good. I did facebook. Live with it But only one problem my livestream guitar player. I play songs on facebook. And I'm a right handed guitar player but I'm left handed using the Selfie Cam. So that's not good you know it's a pro and con with everything so it's kind of sad they're going to have to start making a lefty phones. I mean so my recommendation to guitar players or anybody. Who's playing an instrument that goes in your right hand is turned the phone around us. The other camera. That doesn't flip you well and the whole idea here is to use a phone. That's maybe not your main phone so it's a phone that you have lying around you dust it off there's been a million stats like the average. American. Has You know one to seven devices sitting in a drawer collecting dust so it doesn't even have to be. Your main smartphone could be an older one and further four. Those older phones. One of the tips is to use the camera on the back. That's always a better camera. Then the selfie camera and hence my little hair tie on a glass trek but also mentioned android phones but four I phones. I found the best. App was the epic e p o c Cam Webcam again. There's a free version. There's an eight dollar version. But for the twenty rovers in super simple to use with your Mac. Let's end it by talking about your rubber brand trick. Because I love that I tweeted it. I thought it was brilliant to slow down and tell everybody about your rubber band trick. Okay so you have a smartphone. One of the biggest tips that were all giving you for these video. Web conferencing calls is to put that phone down. Set It on something. But what if you don't have a tripod or a pop socket or any really great way to get that phone stable but also have it take a really good video of you? I have long hair. Take a rubber band or hair tie take glass and just prop it up just rubber band at right on there. You have an instant

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