Counties around the country announce more virus restrictions


New Jersey second death was confirmed yesterday a woman in her fifties in Monmouth County there are no other details on that right now in Hoboken city officials I've ordered a curfew adding to the previously or chat that have gyms daycare centers in movie theaters among other things the whole goal to stop big public gatherings of inter volatile we are trying to take a proactive and preemptive measures to further the spread of this virus and that is that includes but is not limited to but shutting down farmers and limiting restaurants to take out and delivery service only starting tomorrow that curfew requires all Hoboken residents to stay home from ten PM to five AM except in an emergency in Teaneck the mayor is asking people to self quarantine moment Mohammed have editing tilted wins the more people we have in different places the worse off it can't so we're asking people to take it seriously and stay home you know stay home stay home with your family I understand that you could be a symptomatic I'm feeling fine but you could still be a carrier ended rather for the office of emergency management is closing a bunch of rec areas and played unsettle public bathrooms too they also banned unpermitted gatherings of ten or more people advising anybody holding private gatherings of more than twenty five to record names and phone numbers keep the for fourteen days there's also another sign of the times in New Orleans the party's over on Bourbon street the sound this morning as under orders from mayor latoya Cantrell big crowds are broken up city police department enforcing a ban on large gatherings shut down came a social media lit up with people criticizing party years for being selfish by ignoring the calls for socialites elation and precautions to slow the spread of

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