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At the White House during a press conference two hours ago president trump cheered the federal reserve for stepping in to congratulate the federal reserve for starters they've lowered the fed rate from what it was which was one to one point two five and it's been lowered down to zero two zero point two five but the nation's airports have been a massive international travelers return under the president's travel ban travelers waited for hours in several of the biggest U. S. airports in order to complete medical screening the screening is taking place in thirteen airports for passengers returning from Europe as part of president trump's travel ban the UK and Ireland will be added to the list Monday that CBS is Nicole Killian now to Israel where there's been another political set back for a long time leader Israel's president will appoint opposition leader banning guns to form a new government the decision comes after prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to achieve a parliamentary majority in elections two weeks ago Gaunce won the support of anti Zionist Arab parties who want to end that Netanyahu's eleven year grip on power Robert Berger CBS news Jerusalem NFL players have approved a new labor agreement that includes seventeen regular season games more money and larger pensions is it a perfect health no and I think the numbers reflect that but in an economic climate that now seems even more uncertain than ever given the global pandemic we're dealing with given that the TV deals now are on the rise in the sector the end of a config to take back and then get a streaming company Netflix Google whoever in there to stream the international games sell that as a separate TV package that's more money for the players that's more money in the pot that CBS's Jason looking for a

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