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Floating Farms Point the Way to Alternative Food Ecosystems


How about cows on a boat. How about it? It's actually not a boat. Though wired's Laura Maloney has an article about a floating cal for farm from a property development company called Bella Donna in Rotterdam Harbour in the Netherlands. The aim is to demonstrate a possible sustainable food source. The idea came to the owner of John. Peter Van Win Gordon when he saw the disruption to the food supply in New York during hurricane. Sandy and he's like maybe for food security. We should develop floating farm so he did a four thousand nine hundred forty three square foot stable floating on concrete pontoons anchored into the seabed. Cows eat potato peels and grass. Clippings waste is turned into fertilizer for park grass soccer fields. Or just you know meadows The thin provides the clippings for the food and milk from the cows is bottled or made into yogurt. The farm appears to be too expensive to replicate and widely are to replicate widely anyway and relies on too many resources outside of the cows. So there's a lot of maintenance when you're out of the sea water power. It doesn't make its own power I know you're thinking cows. Obviously there's a power source there in methane But they haven't figured that out yet so to maintain sustainability is a challenge but the founder. Peter Van Win Gordon hopes the experiment will spark more creative thinking about food sustainability. Yeah and for anybody. Who's like what you're putting a bunch of cows on a pontoon nat me. The cows can come and go. This is almost five thousand square foot area for the cows to eat stable. Do their do their business but they they can. They can go To to and from land. They're rich enough but also interesting. I guess in the early stages of testing this out the large question was do they want to do this because they're gonna get seasick like let's not do this to the cows. Cow's seem okay. Cows are like all right. We got it you know. They're they're pretty resilient creatures but it. It's interesting to me that this would be so expensive to replicate. I understand that if you don't I mean. The Netherlands is below sea level majority wise and covered in water. So this is a perfect place to try something like this out. There are lots of other places in the world where this but work and and places that it wouldn't so you can't just say we're just gonNa build all the stuff you know on every little lake around here of course work but I I wonder what is so cost prohibitive at this point it probably has a lot to do with power but yeah but as. I mentioned the maintenance you know Seawater corrodes things. You have to a lot of maintenance to keep just a regular old boat in shape or you know Derek. And so you don't have any sustainability in that stuff. There's not sustainable power. There's not the cows don't provide any maintenance so yet to be other people. Earning their keep. I mean it could go. It doesn't necessarily have to be cows either. It could be like a hydroponics growing crops but it would be the same maintenance power issues. Maybe our I don't know but less power I mean if you can get some get some solar cells on top you can actually do kind of some sort of preventive galvanic corrosion on the vice by running a current through Through the superstructure. What Win Gordon is hoping people will do by doing it this way. He's like. Maybe maybe I'll inspire Roger Chang to improve on my desire. I think this might be a better fit for aquiculture whether it's something like Raising Oysters waste a mobile floating oyster bed. That you're not tied up next door but you let float and then let the waves carry whatever but yeah there's all. Those oysters beds are currently fixed like their fixed from offshore. So you walk down and but if you have their floating you fix to they fixed to the punt I mean. That's that's my thing is if they could get it so you can have it float. You could lessen. The impact of things like fish farms and stuff have currently in Ensure

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Floating Farms Point the Way to Alternative Food Ecosystems

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