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How do you make others you? May you're making other moves. You're doing other things that into that short period of time. Yeah Yeah it was. It was a busy time off actually lost year. I did two movies and some this year have managed to sneak in a couple of days on another one It's been as great. I love that because I'll go into it and it's just so nice to use a different muscle and and some stretches wings and just try something different and had a great time. What did the movies are coming out that we let shot out in March with VIN diesel Which is Got To your fitness club. He's he's got a he got his own and he's got his own and he's in pretty good shape so Yeah he kept US seek us going. I also saw something which was amazed me when you were doing stage work. You also did Batman live. I did live. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It was One of the most random but most enjoyable jobs. I think I've ever done in my life. It was I mean. When you're approached to play Bruce Wayne Batman you think you know what is this but it was It was a lie. It was basically a play You theatrical The Story of Dick Grayson and how he becomes a Robin and Nerina We had lots of flying and it was kind of like a cirque show And to play Batman and we went all around the world we did the staple center in L. A. and we didn't You know the O. Two in London. Just love to a agent. Call you and say yeah how about Batman Yeah but onstage. Yeah live yeah doing it every night. Nice and you said yes. I said I'll go along and see what it feels like and I just. Yeah it was. It was honestly one of the most fun jobs I I've ever done. Yeah Anyway I have a couple of questions here from the outside world. Okay Ray Ray knock says hi Sam so proud of all your success. What is something people assume like this? What does something people assume about you? That's quite the contrary to who you really are I mean I suppose you know I. I play a Scotsman and You know I am very proud to be Scottish but I'm probably notice. Scottish is people are expecting people. Always ask about my accent you know. My mom is English and I spent a long time in London. So I guess maybe I'd disappoint people by not being ginger enough Pretty tough it says. What's your favorite costume or prop from outlander? That's a really good question. Favorite costing row pro. I always feel like Jamie's boots kind of get into character. You know you just when you put them on the ground you and make you feel heavier and there's A. There's a wait to them so that always helps. But I think my problem. My favorite is is a horse as my horse. You know. It's always fun when days out myself from Katrina we get to to go writing it's I Dunno it's like you're being paid to do this. It's very sweet though but I was going to ask my own part of that question is which one did you take home. I guess the Horse is it. Yours Did you steal anything? I did this year. Yeah I've stole. Yeah Yeah So. Hopefully they don't go down but I've been desperately sought was actually my dirk From season one just the long dagger I used but I've been desperate for a sword for a long time and they never gave me once eventually. I just thought it was going to deal it the way to do it. Because they're not gonNA give you anything. I'm going to keep doing more than we could. Use It for something else eventually. You should have a whole apartment whole all right last question. Mr Russell Madison says I read somewhere as that as a child. You want it to be a magician growing up. Did you earn any tricks or know any magic tricks? Now could you make that disappeared and replace it with your whiskey? If you give me enough time. I recommend disappear but it's just not enough time. Yeah but I did. I wanted to be I think gives about you know performing. And about the magic. The the sort of unexplained and I think that that's you know being an actor is is is an extension of that you know I think Always imagine myself being famous warriors or You know various Heroes from history. So I think it's all part of the same thing and I think an actor you get to all of those things you do when you were doing your magic stuff. What was your specialty rubbish? I all right. You got that answer. You could make anyone disappear. No maybe I'll tell ya To look at that. Make me disappear? The magic of cameras can do. You can anyway the first time you're on the show and I'm very grateful that you took time out of this because thinking you only have two months. It's nice that you're you're for half an hour but this show always ends in a little bit of Song Katrina certainly did it with no fear really. Yes wow so I don't know. Of course I'm obsessed with the theme song from the show. It's like so great but you're allowed to do a little bit of anything that's in your head. I don't know what kind of music you listen to. Wow Wow and I'm really not I could sing. I know but that's the point. And Jamie himself is tone deaf. Well that's Chamie. That's not you bat. But we could maybe sing team June harbor that. Let's do it. Yeah yes over the sea to sky keen. Yes I loved it. Wow thank you to sing and it was done yet because I knew when you said it was Jamie those tone down They were holding secret. Service will be soon. There will be the next The next anyway. Yeah there is. There actually wasn't outlander musical. I believe in the works at one