Facebook's surprise hit Oculus Quest is sold out

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Offer just for talking tech listeners. So today we are at facebook in Menlo Park One hathaway and Sean and make with me they are Vr and our folks here that they oversee the oculus platform which turned out to be a big surprise smash hit at the holidays so popular. You can't get it. It's sold out for weeks but sean working hard. What MESSAGE DO YOU HAVE FOR FOLKS? Who are itching to get that headset on their head while we are making them as fast as possible also. Please stay tuned. Thanks all community for being really excited about this. We have been really a thrilled and really grateful for all the response Believe that it's about a four week. Will YOU'RE SAYING MARCH? That's right that's right. We are aiming for right now in March but We're still trying to work as fast as possible and trying to see actually how the Asia side with the current virus might or might not impact things. Let's talk about why it hits such a chord. Because you've got a a headset that did not have to be connected to anything. It sold for four hundred dollars and something happened to people that made them. I've got to get this thing. What happened yeah? It was really this coming together of a lot of things. So we've taken a lot of learnings from our previous. Headsets really tried to focus on this amazing sense of immersion content. And bring that to a new form factor. The second thing was really trying out all in one and we did this with actually our previous headset. Oculus go which is more focused on media but this was bringing a lot of the gaming side of rift combining that with the standalone form factor of Oculus go and then really trying to nail a great price point for consumers and I think all that came together in a really magical product oculus quest. We're proud of okay and games too. Because they going overseas the Games. Was there something new about the? Games in two thousand nineteen that that struck a chord or was it just the fact that you've got more well. It's both that we have more fantastic games coming to the platform but as you pointed out this is an untethered experience where you really can use that full range of motion to take advantage of these immersive games. And so you look at one of our top games on the platform beat sabre where you are effectively dancing and moving through the space to score points as these music blocks run towards you if you can turn three sixty degrees and you don't have to worry about a cord that becomes truly immersive and delightful experience. Megan your your vision is to start with games but really move into other categories. So explain how. Vr works in other media. There are so many use cases for VR. And we're so glad that the game category is strong and we can start with that but people who play games want to experience other things as well. So we're also investing in a lot of areas around media and around productivity and enterprise and one of the really exciting APPs that came out last year was National Geographic. Brought a new experience to go explore Macho Peach you and that's the type of content. Where someone who comes in for? Games is still gonNA love that and someone who wants to find those new use cases around travel or exploration. They're going to find something as well so explain how. How does it work? What are they seeing How do we explore Machu Pichu On a headset well once you put that headset on. You really do feel like you're transported to that location but you get the added layer of having information about what you're seeing you can learn in real time as you explore that space you can move through it but also see notes from famous scientists and explorers that help you understand that experience there so if you WanNa go travel there in real life which many people want to go do you have that. Added Layer of understanding. And if you can't make it there you still get a taste of what being in a place like that. Feels like. It's also talk about music. Because you're you're exploring concerts and make an jeff can go attend billy. Bush or some other concert together in the front row inexperienced together. Tell everybody about that. That's right. We have a product called oculus venues. That shows concerts sports comedy events from all around the world. People can represent themselves as avatars put on the headset. And then see each other in real time and jump in and watch those events so as you said we had billy eyelashes a performer in venues last year and it was really a special experience for people who hadn't seen her live to feel like they were there for the show with their friends but from the comfort of their own home five each other and do a letter. Well you can. You can wave. You can engage in. It is really special to feel like you're sharing that with other people in the space and back to Sean. Your vision is to wear a headset today. Where is it five years now? Yeah we ultimately want to get to a pair of glasses that lightweight. That's small form factor. You can wear your head

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