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Al Pacino's Ex-Girlfriend Meital Dohan Says They Split Due to 'Difficult' 36-Year Age Gap


Al Pacino's ex girlfriend he says he's elderly and he doesn't like to spend money so I mean if he was overly I could put up with that if you spend money well it's hard to be with a man sold even Al Pacino the forty year old actor said of her seventy nine year old ex boyfriend Al Pacino the age gap is difficult yes I tried to deny it but now he's an elderly man and to be honest so even with all my love it didn't last long Alan and she said and plus album like to spend money he only bought me flowers it made a polite that he didn't like to spend money I had a fight with him and left him recently but of course I I really love and appreciate her I was glad to be there for him when he needed me to be part of his legacy it's an honor for me I'm glad this relationship happened between this and I hope we remain good friends but I'm not sticking around like to spend money

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Al Pacino's Ex-Girlfriend Meital Dohan Says They Split Due to 'Difficult' 36-Year Age Gap

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