New Mexico AG sues Google for collecting school kids' personal data


Headline New Mexico Lovington post New Mexico sues Google for collecting children's data in school new Mexico's Attorney General sued Google over allegations the tech company is illegally collecting personal data collected hers to be generated by children in violation of federal and state law there is a service package sold to school districts marketed as school districts my Google the allows teachers and parents as the Wade is firing on kids and their families so if you like you you don't keep track of your third grader or senior in high school using an app there are ways to do that obviously no mystery there but our Attorney General Hector Balderas said that while the company is touting Google education is a valuable tool they're also collecting monitoring children while the kids browse the internet in the classroom and at home on private networks and then the mind the information includes everything from physical locations of children to what websites they visit what videos they watch their passwords and they're

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