Fruit Tree Traps


Tell me something with regards to fruit tree traps. To what extent can they help minimize Pest populations into what extent do we just use them for monitoring so it really depends on the size of the orchard that we're talking about For THOSE BACKYARD. Growers or small orchards than using these drops as mass trapping is the way to go Once you get up into the commercial orchards than it does require. We're talking thousands of traps. Which from a feasibility standpoint is. Just it's it's not economical But yeah but for the small grower than mass trapping is. It's quite quite productive of so it's great so this is a really productive way to do things so. I've gotTa tell you Kristie Not Too long ago. A few years ago I went to Pittsburgh and that was my first encounter of a trap in an or well in a little home orchard. This orchard was very messy. There was like there was lots of trees in a small place and there were. There was lots of disease. I think she had past problems too now. My I'm going to get you to put up a picture of a trap that I found in that Orchard. Now it put me off traps almost forever. It was seething with bugs dying. Oh my gosh. It was so sad to what it was like four. So you had this sort of bucket. And it was filled with dying insects and their larvae. So hopefully make is going to put that up for us. Can you tell me what kind of trap is that? And is this a good thing so so it looks like it's some kind of bucket trap And I don't know what exactly they're dropping four but it is a wonderful example of the importance of maintenance so you've got a trap your mass trapping you have to clean it. It's not something that you can just leave so what it looks like. Is it got full of flies. I'm assuming it was a fly trap of some kinds of probably had some kind of bait maybe east or something that was bringing the flies in and it just hadn't been emptied in awhile so what starts to happen is then suddenly. Goes from a place where you're trapping and killing the insects to a place where you're not creating this wonderful breeding grounds and so you can see the maggots rate. So the flies are starting their surviving there feeding on the king other flies and it becomes a nice little grounds for reproducing. Oh my gosh. That is incredibly counterproductive. Yes so can they. Crawl out of these unsuccessful Homemade or or these these fly traps. Can they crawl out and vetoing once you get past typically in those traps? They usually have some kind of liquid. And so it's usually a drowning situation that happens. They fall in the ground But once you start to get those higher levels you're not cleaning it out. You're getting those higher levels. They can actually just crawl up each other crawl out and escape so it's kind of a pointless trump at that point okay. So that's not to do it right so now. Let's talk about how to do it. And so we let's in this first part of the show talk about some traps that we can use in small orchards to help control populations. What do we have here that we can start off so I just mentioned a bucket trap right so this is kind of a commercially available example of one. So let's describe it looks like what does it look like it. Looks like a plastic container with a little green hat on and there's room at the top for insects to fly in. I guess yeah and so the idea of this so you can use this for flies for things like moths So you would typically have some kind of lure inside whether it's a formal Moore. It may be a juice trap. Something like that something to kind of attract the insect to this area so they fly into these openings at the top and what happens is they got disoriented and so they're automatic ref- is to fly upwards health so they fly into the top knock down into the bottom and that's where you've got that liquid and so they drowned or you can just leave empty and they get caught so sometimes there's funnels inside so then they can't get back up from the way out so you so you either have a liquid in the bottom or dry and that's how you start to collect them as they fall down inside when you have a liquid in the bottom of a bucket truck like this link. Fill up the whole thing with liquid. No it would just you know. Just be a couple of inches at the bottom that you'd have And that can just be as simple as water but what I usually suggest as having something in it to break the surface tension on the water. Because what can happen. The insects are late so some of them can fall and and basically walk across water and escape so if you put in a couple of drops a soap it helps to break that surface tension so when they drop in they break right through the water and that's when the drowning out them and tell me something so they drop in or they go in there like oh my gosh. I don't WanNa be here. This is your playwright. They fly straight up the a concussion or something. They're all dizzy. They're little stars around their little heads and then they fall into. Yeah so it. Disorients probably began a little conclusion. Maybe maybe knock out and it's just a nice peaceful death. Nice nice to think about okay. What insects will a buck? Atrop- like this catch for us so you can do anything from things like flies. Moths If you're going after wasp that's kind of. There's there are some some commercially available. Wasp Traps that are similar to this So those Kinda tend to be the typical ones going into these trap now win. Let's talk about specific names? What kind of flies would we WANNA get rid of in our orchard so you could potentially do something like Apple Maggot I wouldn't do apple maggot necessarily in this box. I would probably tend towards the sphere which we'll talk about in a little bit But otherwise things like calling moth Oriental Fruit Moth Oblique Mandidli roller any of your leaf. Roller Species So all of those kind of flying pasts are the ones that you want to target for this the larger bodied flying past this great man. It's it's not an expensive thing. How much would something like? This costs. you can buy it in bulk number so these would run probably a couple of bucks per trap and then depending on if you want to do some pheromones with that than those. Erkki typically kind of five to fifteen dollars depending on the past. So it's it's relatively inexpensive especially if you've got a smaller block the you don't need

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