Doris and Rick Kennay of Kennay Farms Distilling


I drove you out to out west. We'VE COME WEST ON I. Adria straight west and we are actually doing something a little bit different this time around. We're going to be doing a distillery slash brewery. Of course we are still going to have great beers in front of us but we want to explore some of the hard liquor that's coming from Rochelle Illinois and I'm very happy to say we are Acts Kenny distillery anything else on that and Burry emburey okay with me sitting across from me is Doris can a crack and Rick Rick. Kay now I had. I was thinking it was Kenny. But it's convey right. We actually go by Kenny. You go by Kenny. Okay all right well that makes it easy because for dimwit slight me pronounce. You know so. Thank you guys for having us out here and I I should say that when you come to Rochelle it's very. Shall we say sleepy town? I mean this is a this is a Thursday afternoon. It's twenty five degrees and freezing cold outside so it's not a lot going on at the moment but when you go down the main street this this Theater and when you look through the doors. It's not a theory it's a it's a distillery and brewery and we're sitting upstairs in the room so first of all. Tell us a little bit about this building because this is an amazing set that you have here. Thank you well first of all. Thank you for coming to see us. Today we're thrilled to have you We're sitting in the historic hub theater. It was started in nineteen twenty six and finished in nineteen thirty one and Was a live theater. Initially and then in the fifties became a movie theater. Okay somewhere in this afternoon. Perhaps Early days absolutely. Does Rick do a little song and dance interested only in way so how? How long was it lying obsolete before somebody had the brilliant idea of turning it into something really useful? Sure it was like most downtowns When the interstates were built they bypass a lot of the downtown's so you know it. It fell on some hard times. Starting the mid seventies and on and off operated as the a movie theater For the ensuing twenty to twenty five years starting the mid nineties or was probably closed more than it was open and then permanently. Close Two thousand eleven. They believe you may get a little echo on this one because it's quite cavernous right Ken. Z. Were basically sitting. Where if this had a balcony we'd be in the balcony looking back towards where the screen would have been about what we're looking at is an astounding array of large for Menta's and I guess you've got mash tons distilling side of it. I think in just a little bit But as we look at it there's also the magnificent what looked to be copper tubes with Little Portholes. Any idea that is those are the stills. Oh they're the stills curly thing although I'm going off moonshine been doing moonshine so these so I guess

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