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All right so what's going on bill. Goldberg is in Saudi Arabia wrestling. So he won't be here today and I just got over a cold last week so if I sound a little Off that's why I'll try not to make gross noises into the microphone but I Apologize He. Shares a kill the corona virus. It'd probably is and Our good friend Alastair Weaver from EDMUNDS DOT com. Is here how you doing. I'm good you get to do most of the talking because we went to we went to Joe Kosho Jo. Koy SOLD OUT THE FORUM. Two nights huge eighteen thousand people. Who's a fantastic show but the guy behind me was sneezing and coughing a disgusting stuff the whole show? I went home next day. I was in bed like I was. I was just down for the count. I definitely got some weird gross thing and just loading up on meds and vitamins and Cam and all that well I flew back into. Lax from London and got taken to Like an extra screening room where China just all these people from China being quizzed about why they'd beating China and wherever the lusting China and everything else and I was there in the middle of the room. Yeah that's terrible all right so we got some cool things to talk about by the way. Did you guys see that? Hot Wheels released a one tenth scale remote control. Tesla's cyber truck and it comes with a sticker an optional sticker that which which is it goes on the side glass of your revoke until Control Tesla cyber truck and it's the broken window from cool so if you want your cyber talk with the smashed window from the from the from the press launch it comes with that as well from the chief designer. Timothy's profile in the world. That is the best thing ever. And they have the small remote-control version as well that goes on the track that one sixty four scale as well but the one tenth version be limited edition. And we've got a picture up there. It's the toy that comes with that. It's a sticker so you could. You could clued the smashed window in their good job. Hot Wheels love that. You thought about a nice definitely going to be one of those events where I was the magnificent now. It's going to be fantastic. Just a little reminder March twenty first is car cast live at Peterson Museum. A brought to you by our friends at Haggerty and JAGS DOT com. We're GONNA be doing a great event. It was so much fun last year. We hope you guys come out this year. Bring your car anything you have. I JUST WANNA see everybody's car There's GonNa be a car show that starts at two o'clock. Excuse me a car show. At two o'clock there'll be a screening of Shelby. American the documentary and you may have already seen. We're going to bring some unseen footage and some DVD extras and stuff. So you can see that as well. I think that's around four o'clock and then later in the evening that's exist. Well Blu Ray. Dvd I just think. Dvd Extras. Because I feel like that's the terms retro. Yeah that's the term you probably recognize. There's the extra footage and then there will be a live podcast Ataman. I'll be doing a show there you can go to. Yeah no go bring your bring your bring your kids bringing the kid. Bring the one kid who knows. I haven't been home. Have you been tickets Adam? Call Commerce Peterson dot org slash car. Cast get some tickets. Excuse me it's going to be one of those days solo show. Yeah going to be one of those days. What's new all sorts of things? I was supposed to be going to Geneva next week. I had to put actually pull out a couple of weeks ago for a little while ago for for for different reasons but as I sit here. Everybody's wondering what's going to happen because these corona I mean for those who don't know Geneva historically was always one of the the biggest auto shows of the year it was kind of premier one in Europe Attended by all the kind of literati globally as an in neutral Switzerland. Yeah I need supposed to happen. The press days next Tuesday and we're all waiting for messages to listings happening on now. I mean it's A. It's a huge deal about the millions literally tens of millions of hundreds of millions that are spent on this and is it. Is it kind of late in the game to cancel it? Yeah I mean I. I was telling you it's going to happen. It's just going to be kind of flop. I I mean we had. We had Alfred Mayo. His happens from time to time manufacturers. Come in and show ladies. 'cause we have a chat meet we we talk about life and what role doing and I am a global head of. Pr was saying. You know we've been told not to travel. So it's it's a big deal. Yeah I wonder how they do that. Do they try to find local representation? The have a team there that they have like a local. Pr Team A little bit smaller team yet. But I guess I don't know I mean he's going to be an interesting show. How much money and how much he's committed. But also if if people on traveling and I think the other concern is people are worried that you're GONNA get quarantined. So you end up in Geneva. I'm going to keep talking. You end up in Geneva and if you imagine all the the world the company execs from all over the world traveling into Geneva and then just ending up being Maroon there. I read that that later this year. We have twenty twenty Olympics in Tokyo. They're saying hey we. We need a contingency plan. We may cancel the Olympics and they said but they need you know. They need minimum three months. They can probably do two months lead way to to cancel it but they can't do four days like like what you're talking about. They can't do five days. Well also big Formula Warm Fun. I used to working for him in the world in days. Gone by and there's a little conversation about which pre happen which wouldn't yeah it's It's interesting times. We're also seeing in terms of vehicle production as well because a lot of parts is not just 'cause made in China but he's also parts supply parts moving around the world so this there's a big impact going on and what's going to be the effect of cancelling Geneva. Is it really gonNA manner not matter? Everyone's going to release their cars. And they're gonNA send out the press kits and and and try to find some other place two like they're still going to announce the cars digital digitally. I mean I I was invited to a bunch of events down the I was going to sit down with the Mercedes. Co The global CEO on the boss of AM G. And we're GONNA have half an hour with with those guys and that's always great for me because she always learned so much a fascinating fascinating individuals as well to be running something that big. You know things like that obviously won't happen but I know a of things that Mercedes showing off and yet I'll do it digital release. You'll you'll be they'll send the images alison press releases and away you go. I think the tough thing I Geneva and also shows generally. New York's beginning of April. Is these things you know. There's a lot of pressure on these shows. Little people pulling out anyway if it doesn't happen than we'll ever happen again and Gordon is. What happens to the you know the credits into the billions? Almost what's actually spent in in in some things well? In all of these companies so many companies are taking a financial hit already. Everybody asks to prepare for factories being shut down obviously in the automotive space but products all around the world that so much is is manufactured in China and now that that Krona viruses is spreading. Everything in automotive is expensive and global. Yeah so anything. That's hit Soglo on a global level like this is going to be a big deal. Yeah I roll up in the accurate annex. I WANNA say new but it. It got sort of a revision this past year a little bit different ero and I think they did. Some adjustments on the suspension and stuff. Have you driven the sex yet? So this is I drove the original Essex. The you know the sort of iconic mateen nine. I think it was many years ago but the latest wanted always passing by always being doing doing something else when everyone was around so I finally got into it the last couple of days. It's a it's a fascinating thing I kind of. I really wouldn't like it. I really want to love it because I like the idea of buying an accuracy because I think it feels. Yeah it's almost like I'm coming out and skiing I don't need. I don't need a fraud. Whatever I'm going to buy an ACURA sex because I know what I like. I don't need to everything else so I rely. I like similar technology but I kind of feel it's almost too clever by half in that Scott the three and a half six two but then on top of that these three electric motors. And there's a lot of really clever tech going on but what actually delivers is is questionable and increasing the. I'm unless no less of a fan of potato well. This isn't the plug in or hybrids. Generally I think these days you you either go all in on the electric light the ticon all stick with a stick with a gas engine light the new cove at something and its own to me. It feels like that choice now and carrying around all this complexity and all this weight and everything else for hybrid just just almost feels like old tech even though it's cutting edge on one level

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