A Witch and a Curse


Today. I continue my investigation into the world of physical and paranormal with a witch at a curse organs. Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery was established in eighteen. Fifty local. Say the cemetery is haunted by a woman who was hanged after being accused of being a witch and that her ghost hoste cemetery however research has recently revealed that it was her son who was hanged for murder both his mother and wife sworn testimony claimed he was elsewhere when the crime was committed but a jury of his peers convicted him nonetheless Richard Gusts marble was hung by the neck until debt. For the axe murder of shopkeeper David corker but the hanging didn't go well the thirty witnesses who watched the execution described how the news is not slipped under his chin instead of breaking his neck. They watched him for eighteen minutes as he strangled. Death still was Richard. Smother a witch. She did cursed the town to misfortune to burn three times at the time of the hanging hills. County seat was Lafayette but just one year after the hanging the town loss that honored to Mcminnville to date. Lafayette Oregon has burned to the ground. Twice the spirit of Richard's mother on a marble has been seen wandering through the graveyard perhaps searching for the spirit of her son. Who KNOWS MISS? You say just another ghost story. Maybe not visitors claim that they have seen her others that they've heard her laughing. One visitor claims she recorded. Anna's voice telling her to run home. Some of those who say they were chased from. The cemetery have revealed cuts across their back and a marble flood. Lafayette years on this mortal coil in Jacksonville Oregon where she died in one thousand nine hundred sixteen and was buried in the Jacksonville cemetery today. The Lafayette Pioneer cemetery remains unchanged since the hanging and there are still reports of which sightings but few visitors venture past the no trespassing sign that's been posted at the

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