Chicago: Mother of slain nursing student arrested after police encounter at U of C Hospital


An eighteen year old nursing student shot and killed Tuesday outside a convenience store on Chicago's south side was not the intended target she was one of five people shop their seventy nine ten Woodlawn WGN's Tonya Francisco has spoken with her family the mother claims she was arrested at the hospital after viewing her daughter's body J. a B. man was a nursing student following in the footsteps of her mother and her well the family of J. U. Beeman says their grief over her death was further compounded when her mother was arrested and now the ACLU of Illinois is speaking out on her family's behalf you hate them was so bad that my daughter have to get shot the mother of J. U. B. men questioning why someone fired at least twenty shots into a convenience store hitting her eighteen year old daughter in the chest killing her police believe the gunmen were targeting a boy inside the store at seventy ninth in Avalon last night when they wildly fired inside that boy was not injured but police say two women who were with him more wounded the three other victims including J. Edgar boyfriend for innocent bystanders Chicago has is not equipped to handle a trauma center J. as mother says her grief was compounded when she was arrested and charged after Chicago police say she pushed and kicked an officer after breaking down while viewing her daughter's body the Chicago police and university Chicago police handle us so you maintain humane I passed out when I saw my baby and they drove me out the hospital let the dog they created us so badly unjustly so inhumane and had the nerve to tell us that screaming and falling to the floor was not proper closer spent the night in jail the university of Chicago in a statement says he'd parted staff is prepared to deal with grieving families and that the decision to arrest the mother was made by the Chicago police officers investigators are still searching for three men seen in surveillance video leaving that scene in a white sedan that has damage to the passenger side fender tended windows black rims and no front license plate

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