Vimalakirti Sutra 2020 - Talk 8


Hi. Everybody am here in my house recording. Because I wanted to have a complete set of my own recordings on the Villa Sutra. I was gone the last several weeks of the seminar and Jeff. Bicknell took over for me and his recordings are available. But I wanted to have a set of my own as well so I'm GonNa Talk And share about chapters ten through the end of the Sutra. And I'm going to start here with chapter ten. The FEAST BROUGHT BY EMANATED INCARNATION. And this begins right after this silence of insecurity when he is the last to respond to the meaning of. Non Duality response by keeping silence. And so after that profound response Shari Putra at the beginning of this chapter says. I'm worried about all these buddy sought because it's noon almost and when are they going to eat and and Bill Acuity says to Shari. Put your boy. We're talking about these ultimate thing. So why are you worried about eating? Anyway I'm going to show you now an amazing meal far beyond anything you've ever seen so he enters into a concentration and enables. The disciples gathered at his house to see a universe called. Sarah Gonda Uganda. Which is located. Man has many butterfield's beyond where they are as there are sans in the forty two Ganges rivers so if there were forty two Ganges and each one had innumerable sand. That's how far away this universe is and that's how many Buddha fields are in this universe and they're the Taga named Sugandha Kuta resides and lives in that universe. It is so lofty and the aspiration is so high that nobody even heard of a disciple or a show project. Buddha Solitary Buddha there are no lesser pass only ultimate Mahayana Path exists there and in that universe all the houses all the avenues. All the parks. All the palaces are made a fragrance. They're made of perfumes and the food eaten by those bodies office is perfume. And they're they are now sitting down to eat their perfume fragrance. Food and the body side of his disciples Curtis House can see them doing this. So says to the gathering Would you like to go there and partake of that food but Mon- JUDICIARY Creates Supernatural Power to rob them of any desire to go there to eat food so nobody says they? WanNa go so then. We'll acuity without rising from his couch magically emanates an incarnation buddy southbound sort of magical being a golden colored adorned with US officials signs and marks shining throughout the assembly and. He says to that incarnation. But he's got to go in the direction of Zenith where that world is and whether all those Buddha fields and when you get there find the Buddha there ciganda Kuta he'll be eating and bought him and tell him that asks after his health and that has a request. Would you mind giving us whatever's leftover from your meal so that we can feed it to the people here in this world? So the incarnation body. Sophos says okay. I'll do it. And he looks up and immediately disappears and appears in other universe and makes the requests and the buddy sauces there. He e the request is specifically as we want this food to inspire people with lesser aspirations in the world to have greater aspirations and so all the buddies say well what what does that mean less lesser aspirations. We can't even imagine any less her aspirations and then the Buddha there ciganda Kuta says to them well. They have lesser aspirations because they live in a more corrupt world than ours. Our world is so pure. Of course we have high aspirations but there there's corruption there so they need. They're struggling to get out of the difficulty of their world so their aspirations initially are quite low but vimla courtesy. Listen that world. Nevertheless he has these inconceivable aspirations and he's wants to inspire the body Saunas so the buddy scientists say wow he must be something that if he can create a magical creature like this and live in that world and so the Buddha there said yes he is great and and he really is working for all living beings in all fields so he granted the request. He poured some of his food impregnated with all the perfumes into a fragrant vessel. And he gave it to the incarnation buddy saga and and at that time. Ninety Million Buddy Saunas in that beautiful universe said we'll go along to when he delivers the food. We would like to go to. Let's let's let us go so that we can honor the Buddha shock your money in that Saha World and honor this great visual acuity and see the Buddy Saad there so and the target That other Buddha out of the realm sugandha Kuta says well. If you think that that's a good idea go ahead. But less those living beings become matt an intoxicated. Go without your perfumes and less those living beings of the world become jealous of you. Change your body's and hide your beauty and don't think of any ideas of contempt and aversion for that very imperfect universe. Why Noble Sons? Buddha field is a field of pure space but the Lord Buddha Lord Buddhists in order to develop living beings. Do not reveal all at once the pure realm of the Buddha. So He's giving instructions to these super purified beings how to behave themselves in this less than purified world so they disappeared from there and Boof Pity reappeared in house and since they were ninety million of them it caused them to produce. Ninety million. More lion thrones like the ones he had produced before and they all sat down. So then the incarnation buddy sought for gave the vessel full of food to them acuity and the fragrance from that food permeated the entire city of I- solly and further beyond that to one hundred universes but within the city of the brand's householders and even chubby chieftain Chandra Chandra Chandra Chandra noticing the fragrance. We're amazed and filled with wonder and cleansed in body and mind and came all at once to the House of Milwaukee along with all eighty four thousand of the population of the Chubby territories. And they all bowed. And they were all amazed then Acuity said to Shari Putra in. The great disciples their reverence. Eat of the food of the data. It is Ambrosia perfumed by the great compassion. That's the source of its beautiful fragrance. The great compassion. But do not fix your minds in narrow minded attitudes dualistic grasping attitudes. Because if you do you will not be able to receive this gift. So then they said but how can such a huge assembly here eat such a small quantity of food? And of course he said you know. There's nothing to worry about. Their this food will be plenty for everybody and of course the eight and there was plenty for everybody so then As always they had a bite to eat and they got to talking about Dharma and Maliki said to the office who came from none other room. How does the Taga Sugandha Kuta who lives in your realm? How does he teach Dharma and they said well? He doesn't teach by means of sound and language he teaches by means only a perfume at the foot of each perfume. Tree Sits Buddy Safa and the tree. The tree emits perfumes. Just like the perfume this food and they smell the perfume and they attain the concentration called source of all Buddy Siva virtues and then they attain all virtuous. That's how he does it

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