Vinicius Jr. breaks Messi's record with crucial El Clasico goal



Venetia teenager since messy to score at our PLASCO Gab. Can He'd be the real deal. Obviously they stay. Spent a ton of money on him And then all of a sudden he wasn't even the The Best Teenage Brazilian Forward around Madrid because Rodrigue. Oh all that all that time. I think he's somebody who still rising even in that game. He's don't make mistakes and this is one. It's good to remind ourselves that the guy is just nineteen years old. I know it feels like he's been a Real Madrid for the second season but You know he's got canes to iron out. I think it didn't good when when he was dropped from from the first team for a while But look he shows up in a team. Gareth Bale even hazard those are great people to to to learn from to look up to and yeah. I think he's got another level to go to no question about it. Maybe more than

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