Long Waits For Voters At Los Angeles Voting Centers


Though super Tuesday it was exactly that for Joe Biden but Bernie Sanders is going to win California where the vote counting has been excruciatingly slow we begin our super Tuesday California primary coverage with KCBS political reporter Doug sovereign joining us live from our election center does yeah make it believe it or not people are still voting in Los Angeles there's still people standing in line in LA which is extraordinary that they've had so many problems or their new machines but that's one of the reasons the town's been so slowly a few million votes counts of our California but with about fifty eight percent of the precincts reporting now and again that just means that that many precincts are reporting some portion of their numbers not all of their votes obviously not even close Bernie Sanders leads in California thirty one percent to twenty one percent for Joe Biden sixteen percent for Michael Bloomberg and then twelve percent for Elizabeth Warren so Sanders in position to win the state it's been called by several news agencies but not by CBS news and I've gone a bit deeper into the district by district returns because of course only about a third of the delegates are being awarded statewide and the rest will be awarded by the districts you have to reach at least fifteen percent of the vote in any given congressional district to win from four to seven delegates in each of those fifty three districts well Bernie Sanders is winning fifty of the fifty three districts he has hit that fifteen percent threshold in all fifty three of them we've got a lot of delegates here over the next couple of few weeks as accounts is finished Joe Biden is only winning one district which is in LA but he is qualified to win delegates in forty eight of the fifty three so get quite a few delegates to and Michael Bloomberg at the moment qualifies in forty six of those districts now I think as more votes are counted the later votes are likely to skew more towards Biden and Sanders the Bloomberg so that number could drop Elizabeth Warren at the moment is qualified for delegates in only six districts including several right here in the bay area and people to judge in just one which is palm springs so Bernie Sanders is gonna win California but that is one of the few bright spots for him on the table tonight because he wins only four states Bob Joe Biden has one nine and may be headed for a tenth in Maine he upset Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in Massachusetts he upset Sanders in Minnesota after AB clubs are dropped out he crushed everyone in Virginia and then the other southern states he won North Carolina easily those are supposed to be close states it's really an extraordinary banner night the super Tuesday for Joe Biden one other note prop thirteen the fifteen billion dollars school measure clearly California is not in much mood to raise taxes sell bonds anything requiring more money that's getting crushed fifty seven percent saying no that'll tighten as the rest of these belts command but that seems unlikely that'll pass but we'll know in the

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