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Philadelphia Eagles Hire Marty Mornhinweg As Senior Offensive Consultant


According to who had it Jack in it now Tim McManus creativity manis eagles are bringing in an assistant coach to be a consultant I often the side of all the office side of the ball okay so more familiar with okay dad Marty Marty Mornhinweg returns to Philadelphia morning morning with his bank about that eagles fans are fist pumping right now in their cars love my girls ones out there yeah I listen I actually let me just say alright we want me to say you won't be upset that they bring back morning morning we dug calls the plays so what difference is it may I don't know what more is going to add he's not like he's calling plays unlike Marty Mornhinweg no I'm serious I think it's a good move yeah I don't know how good it is where you come from he was out of football I believe last year yeah okay I think he was he was with the last day with the ravens ravens the year before okay somebody drugs obviously familiar with his work with before I mean trust they can bring in a hundred consultants for all I mean it may be if it helps yeah exactly I'm with it yeah I got no problem with all right yeah thumbs up Jack I'm not I'm not listen I'd like Marty morning would just push the eagles to the Super Bowl I don't I got to see the office from happy about Marty Brennaman out I know Marty partially so good I'm happy he's back but I don't know what that means it's good football guy wasn't is wasn't a thing always throwing deep with that Martin Marty thing wasn't running the ball is always taken this showed us was the runner and Marty I think we'll do any recall his own place that's the way I look at when he was here had to call the shots they could delegate and say this guy we're responsible for this is god's responsible for that you think Eddie Reese was conceding play calling or any type of authority or power to any of his assistant coaches at that time as an eagle yeah no yeah man I love I greet you all I heard was it was chilly that that was really pal like any got a runny you gotta run it and we still one of the leading castle team resilience yeah I think we still threw the ball so morning when's the new Frank right I was gonna work here's what I'll say because I don't know much about the other guy he brought in from Denver with them again yeah you're running around yeah all Hey man they get experience that's the that's what I wanted they got expound wanted people with experience I want to jump call well so I don't know how for Jim Caldwell is a bit more morning we well whatever but you got guys that have been around the game a long time and this bodes well for Carson Wentz because you have guys that have worked with quarterbacks he's our quarterback got Marty is known as a core yes he's a quarterback got his son some of the prospect for wow Skyler and then he became a safety I think when he did you transferred away from way more he was flirting with somewhere else yeah I think it would of course B. or something wow okay keep up I'm Marty family because they know that Jack I'm a Marty Mornhinweg fan I was hoping this this development is going to have that's right it's a big day for just a decade I think quarterback coach I thought that I thought they were gonna make I think there really is our quarterback coach bill have won the whole they refused to they actually give coaching positions right there's another says that sharing your offense of assistant press Taylor the passing game coordinator that his role yeah that's right so what the hell does more to get to do it just hangs out of nobody really knows now that's the problem now there's not not that they're going to another guy in the meeting room they're going away from quick from the office of coordinator and they're gonna be always the passing game Cordero's the run game called Marty could be ready all got you go it sure is a lot of help for done here you go I'm just saying there's not a lot of help yeah but so I think the job's words couldn't help but if you need it no but I think it needs to help I think one of the things that you used to talk about a lot last year was when you don't have the experience in it on the office side of the ball you don't have the years of experience of game planning a game plan together of different sexes helping dog out as much my growing those guys were young man they were young they actually leave the one dog follow the answers okay whose dog to turn to see Lena yeah when he has questions so having a dollar morning Wiggins Stangl rally sure Manimal get this rich rich rich rich yeah okay having guys like that around with dog when it's time to put together a game plan what is breaking down tendencies of opponents I like having experienced minds in the world I don't I don't have any problem with that it has been mourning wag Jack as long as I don't either okay let me try the morning part is easy it's M. O. R. and I and W. E. I. G. Z. M. O. R. M. O. R. N. I. G. B. Naji you'll still morning the morning part my morning morning way you're not it's M. O. R. and H. I. N. RW agency there is an eight W. W. E. I'd Skyler actually was a quarterback okay was that Columbia no I I know I've always like Florida they moved in the same right now they will try to change positions yeah they will then players rely on non

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