New York Traffic Update


As we head over to the traffic center Ken Daniels what do you got that's a building traffic at the George Washington bridge with actually being worked on to the envelopes tears I got a crash shot by the New York towers now blocking of three lanes are it's three lanes blocked in about up here that is not good just one lane getting by you're in about the laser built up to about twenty minutes lower level so looking like the best bet for the cars of course you can opt out completely go for the Lincoln or the Holland both of those are just very minor delays so far the end of George watch bridge up steers with some big trouble across East River Throgs neck Whitestone RFK Triborough doing five minutes of slow down still on the van white just hearing about this if all you are some of them like you are in for a little while now we've got a broken down truck smack dab in the center lane so dealing with that still trying to get that out of Iraq to the Westchester moving along on the New York State Thruway both ways into the Tappan Zee I we got no troubles in Connecticut Connecticut turnpike or Merritt parkway where construction free overnight doing it the way of course there's some construction south padre to twenty one right near the New York Connecticut life now the ongoing roving appears there but they should be wrapping up shortly and mass transit well eligible armature north Jersey tried to trains and the path are on or close to schedule the subways broke down six trains delayed why they request us to me a messa police assistance with some activity at Astor

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