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Everybody so Man I wish I could spend four hours telling you all the craziness has happened since we last hung out. But I can't because right now I have to get back down to finish recording. The book short break now just wanted to shoot a quick episode but basically the last episode she has got was from Arizona at Tony and dean the mastermind dot com launch. And I had my brother ripped the my presentation of the end. Everybody got a lot of good feedback me as about that hopefully enjoyed that. But what's crazy? Is that night after we got done with Tony and Dean in Jenin? We JUMP BACK IN. A plane flew home and just in time to pass out three hours a week and it was noah's birthday which was so awesome. Celebrate a birthday playthrough they got some work done and then the next day or that night sorry it was at night then. I jumped in another plane. Flew OUT TO LA FOR TONY. Robins birthday party which was cool. Who Says Sixtieth Birthday Party and it was? I think there was basically eight different concerts. Like with the Ethridge and the dude that one person talent and pit bull and Andy Grammer. Who has seriously like thinking me him? She became best friends. He seems like the kind of guy would hang out with a bunch of other. Anyway it was amazing and then they raise money for. Oh you are and raise over. Eighteen million dollars for operation underground railroad was crazy Perez Hilton said to us which was like come on now Pearson. That was amazing. So anyway it was. The whole event was was awesome but then we flew back the next day and now I'm back here in the studio. Yes she actually fun. Time to work on the traffic secrets book funnel which was a lot of fun but anyway we're why should the yesterday because so many of you guys go out there and you launch a final and it doesn't work it doesn't work the way you expect it and then you get angry upset or you give up your walk away or whatever and I tell you behind the scenes because a lot of people don't know this is happening But I have a. I'm privy to what's happening in everybody's funnel with all the time but Last last year when we did the mastermind dot com launch. It was the biggest launch in internet marketing history. Which is crazy this year. I think two hundred fifty thousand people registered for the for the Webinar last year. This year we had four hundred and sixty thousand people so obviously our hopes are high. It's like this is going to be amazing. But it's also the fear of like how do you? How do you get lightening strike twice at the same time? You know two years in a row after it works so good the year before and so there's a lot of fear anxiety and there are a lot of moving pieces that made this launch different and difficult but launch happened. And I'm not gonNA BOO HOO because like for less than we already over eight figure. So it's it's crazy still charlie. The second biggest launch of all time but sometimes launch happened and chance kind of watch as Dean and his team and working on things and again. We're mostly would go and say oh like he didn't get it. We're happy dean. There's been stressing out like like what was wrong. Why isn't messaging during the Hooks? Where the angles? What are the feedback in obsessing over everything? I could see him in the comment section of the customers reading every single. Calm the the the ones from the live webinars reading while trying to figure out and tweak the message and change the message and tonight he's actually on live again based on all this data feedback on his Intel and going back and doing a whole new presentation with the tweaks and changes and he adjusted his justin emails adjusting the most tweaking changing tweaking. Changing all enroll times says happening real really fast and I think a lot of times the outside we think oh. These people have been doing it for a long time. They know they're doing and they just put it out there and just works but I think we don't understand is that people have been doing this long time. They understand the funnel audibles understand. Like it's not gonNa work the first time it's it's a constant evolution and change and tweaking and changing tweaking and changing and tweaking getting it until it's until it's perfectly. That's what makes them great. It's not that they know how to do it perfectly. It's that they know how quickly and so for you guys you're listening to this I want you to start learning. That skill start becoming okay with stress. Alabama launches dunes goes. I want her driving. Facebook is not converting. Well or whatever. It's like that's the game like the people who are best. The Game Aren't better at it than you. They are better iterating quickly and changing and tweaking looking at feedback from customers and from comments and from things are saying forget. How do I tweak this message? How do I change? It goes rerecord new webinar drainage do emails ads in your change anymore unless ads. That's the difference between being good and being great and so anyway. I just want to share that behind the scenes with you because most has ever see behind the scenes and so this hopefully give you a glimpse of what it looks like. It's funny I was talking to Dean Bantu weeks ago we were flying out somewhere and we're talking about when he wrote the millionaire millionaire says habits book and it took him almost two years before the book started selling two years. Most people would have given up after like a week or two. It's an two years of trying and testing and trying testing and try and he's like literally two years into it he'd record some add ons phone. They had a different message and sue that one hit. They sold a thousand books. That day is like. Oh my gosh. That's the message. People needed like now make sense and then it was like can only donkey Kong and then over the next three years. They sold five hundred thousand copies of the book because because they knew the message. They figured it out by doing the process so anyway. That's how the that's how the masters do with how they experts do you guys. It's not by being better a front despite iterating quickly and becoming okay with that and enjoying the process so I appreciate you guys. You're back in the booth and record the rest of the expert secrets book. Make sure you get the audio books when they are done. Otherwise this work on vein. Thanks guys appreciate you. In fact I ready.

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