Mass gatherings now banned in Santa Clara - What does that mean for Apple?

Mac OS Ken


No I don't know that any of us were or are still expecting a big media about out of apple this month one had been anticipated to announce the anticipated anticipated iphone. Se to seems highly unlikely now for a couple of reasons first. Their stories heard over the last few days. The disruptions in the supply chain will lead to delays for upcoming apple hardware bigger than that though is a new moratorium from Santa Clara County. A report from macrumors says the county of Santa Clara's Public Health Department Monday issued a mandatory ordered that requires all mass gatherings of one thousand or more people in Santa Clara county to be canceled a couple of articles. I found say that that's about. How many people Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park holds? I guess apple couldn't by fewer than capacity really though it's hard to imagine a thing like that happening. The ban takes effect midnight tonight on the West Coast as of now. It'll be in place for three weeks. Apples taking further preventative measures at stores. And a couple of west coast regions. Another piece from macrumors says the Cupertino Company has cancelled all of its today at Apple sessions in the San Francisco area as well as in Seattle according to the report searching for today at apple sessions in the bay area or around Seattle provides results that say there are currently no classes available. Abbas also cancelled all field trip programs which allow teachers to take students to apple stores. Macrumors has an unnamed source and apple retail saying that the cancellations are set to run until March twenty ninth. As of

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