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Lucy Craft, Tokyo And Greece discussed on Brett Winterble


Put in place to slow the market down when it's moving very quickly in either direction either up or down to the investors have an opportunity to take a step back I understand what's going on and react a dispute between oil producing nations that sparked the latest global selloff demand for oil has slowed worldwide because of the growing corona virus crisis OPEC nations tried to make a deal to cut production in order to prop up prices but it fell through sparking a price war namely rock them CBS news Wall Street coronaviruses forced Olympic officials to severely downsized the torch lighting ceremony CBS news Lucy craft has more from Tokyo the flame lighting ceremony for the Tokyo summer Olympics set for March twelfth in western Greece will be held without spectators in attendance only a limited number of Tokyo Olympics delegates will be on hand a performance by Japanese school children during the torch handover on March nineteenth has also been scrapped as Greece struggles with the corona virus outbreak Lucy craft CBS news Tokyo the race for second place in San Diego's mayoral primary isn't over yet councilwoman Barbara Bry is now within a point of councilman Scott Sherman according to the latest vote tally brie trail Sherman by twelve hundred votes down from seventeen hundred over the weekend and three thousand last Tuesday night the registar voters says it still has about one hundred fifty thousand ballots left to count county wide coming off a nice weekend and start to the week we are expecting a big change rain is coming in a lot of it expected to last several days news it's not around poor was in mission beach earlier today people are enjoying it this last day of sunshine clear skies before the rain is on its way I know I promised aid.

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Lucy Craft, Tokyo And Greece discussed on Brett Winterble

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