Voyager 2 spacecraft is going solo for the next 11 months


Case this is more related to NASA Boeing starliner spacecraft will not be carrying astronauts anytime soon after a test flight two months ago NASA is conducting an investigation into faulty aspects of the spacecraft the test flight ended early after quote a potentially catastrophic software error W. vero NASA's associate administrator for human exploration and mission operations told reporters quote we could have lost a spacecraft twice during this mission so clearly this was a close call Mastin that's investigation calls for Boeing to make sixty one corrective action actions toward the starliner in up to close up to forty nine gaps in their testing for Caesar procedure NASA plans to him embed their own software experts into Boeing's team to oversee the work the next test mission for the starliner is likely to be months away and then there's more news with the seven three seven and F. A. A. but this time it's with the seven three seven Mexican Gressel committee says Boeing's culture of concealment and poor federal oversight contributed to the two seven three seven Max crashes car radios Diane do th Wyler has more details the house transportation committee's preliminary report indicates more than one thing went wrong in the two crashes that killed three hundred and forty six people but the new flight control system does appear to have played a key role it pushed the plane's nose is down after faulty sensor readings the report goes on to say Boeing downplayed how critical the seven thirty seven Max flight control system is for the plane safety additionally it states Boeing had undue influence over the Federal Aviation Administration and that FAA managers rejected seven thirty seven Max safety issues raised by their own

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